Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodwill's Goodstyle Fashion Show

I am very delighted to be working with Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland again this year for the Goodstyle Fashion Show. For those of you unfamiliar here's a rundown: for the past few years Goodwill has partnered with local bloggers to curate a collection of entirely thrifted looks to send down a runway. The event is a fundraiser for Goodwill as well. It gives local patrons a chance to donate to a good cause and see the power of thrifting in action. It's a great opportunity to foster a community.

As a participant in the fashion show, I was given a gift card to go shopping. Each of us bloggers are to choose a theme. I went into the thrift store without a theme in mind because that is not a wise way to start shopping. Thrift stores are fairly random and I wasn't in the mood to be disappointed. So, I let the fashion speak to me and it did. Thankfully.

My theme will be "bohemian". While this seems slightly generic, I assure you it's not! I found a lot of long flowy dresses, chunky jewelery, and pieces that looked straight out of the 70's, but in a good way.

Here's a little inspiration for you & if you're local, save the date:

GoodStyle Fashion Show
When: Thursday, May 8, 2014
Where: Windows on the River, Cleveland, Ohio
Time: 6-9pm

Last year's posts on the fashion show.

NOTE: All photos were found on google or Pinterest. I have no ownership of these photos and I do not take credit for where they are sourced from. All photos can be found by searching "bohemian style" on the respective sites. Using photos from sources such as these does not constitute "ripping off" in any form. I had them all linked & blogger deleted them. I am far too busy to re-locate. If you have ownership of said photos, let me know!
5 comments on "Goodwill's Goodstyle Fashion Show"
  1. Haha! LOVE this theme, of course :) Can't wait!

    <3 Megan

  2. This might be worth the road trip... I live near Pittsburgh. Sounds like such a fun event, especially being the thrift store junkie I am. Do you have any idea if Goodwill does a similar event in these parts? :)


  3. This is SO exciting! Your mood board is a beauty! Can't even wait to see the whole collection!


  4. How awesome- that sounds like such a fun event! Good call on finding your them in the store- you really never know what a day of thrifting will present to you!

  5. This seriously sounds like SO much fun, definitely going to look up if Colorado does anything like this since thrifting is (basically) my job haha! Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah


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