The Ledge

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I, like every other style blogger in the Midwest have been struggling with this never ending weather. It's so cold, grey, windy, and uninspiring. Most weeks I've been repeating the same few pieces and callin' it a day. I am currently without a tripod & my boyfriend is on a new work schedule -- so we have very limited photo taking opportunities. I mean, two months ago I was taking photos in a blizzard. But now? Now I'm over it. But then today, the temps hit 45 degrees, the sun was out, and the wind was only slightly brutal. Which was a perfect chance to wear this skirt from Erica. We all know how much I love the color pink & this has seriously been in my closet for about a month (sorry, Erica!)

When I was first discovering personal style, I was really into that whole matchy-matchy look. It's kind of embarrassing when I look back how much I matched. Which is why I tend to be more daring with color schemes now. But sometimes it's nice to fall back on old favorites.

Oh, and I scored this lovely necklace from Land of Plenty. If you are in or around Akron, go! All kinds of vintage items at very affordable prices. I could've spent hundreds of dollars. Instead I bought some necklaces & part of an animal jaw. RESTRAINT.

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Borrowed from Erica
Shirt: concert, chicago
Tights: Gift from Emily
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Land of Plenty (Local)
Hat: Handmade
Belt: Swapped
Cardigan: Gift from my mom
Glasses: ModCloth
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