Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who knows, who cares

Everyone has their colors. Colors they love (pink for me, obviously), colors they dislike, colors they simply cannot wear, and colors they are indifferent about. Blue is the latter for me. I just, I just don't care about the color blue. I mean, I like my blue eyes, but beyond that, blue has never been interesting to me. Ashley introduced me to the beautiful world of Facebook clothes swapping and a girl interested in a dress of mine, offered this up, I was torn. Loved the fit and details, but blue? Well, clearly I swapped her and I'm very glad because this dress is perfect. It fits incredibly well, has wonderful movement, and the details are so different. Which is a really long way to say, take chances on colors you don't love.

Holiday's are never a big deal in my family and usually we never even celebrate. This year, however, my parents did an "adult" egg hunt. It included booze, gas cards, hair accessories, and candy. It was so much fun. We also jammed to Iron Maiden the whole time. Before that my boyfriend's mother did a "build your own omelet" bar brunch. I made my family go on a hike too. so, basically it was the best kind of Sunday.

Oh, and tonight I'm seeing a band I've never seen before (usually rare), Local Natives. Super stoked!

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth via swap
Shoes: Thrifted
Hat: Swapped
Belt: C/O Versona (old)
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Watch: Marc Jacobs (gift)
19 comments on "Who knows, who cares "
  1. I love this dress on you! I totally know what you mean about colors you just feel kinda "Meh" about but I too have recently been wearing a lot of navy blue but have added pops of color to them and feel that it looks pretty darn swell. That Egg hunt sounds like my kinda egg hunt but we don't celebrate Easter over at our place or any holiday really for that matter... I love the cut and style of this dress on you... way to go!

  2. Ah! You look gorgeous in blue (though the first thing I'd thought was that I'd never seen you in it before!); it really flatters your skin tone and hair color.

  3. The detailing on that dress is so nice! I love the lace and pleats. Navy is one of my very favorite colors if only because it can transition so well between seasons, we midwestern girls need that ability in our clothing :) Glad you chose the dress it really is beautiful on you!

  4. That shade of blue looks so pretty with your skin tone and hair color!

  5. That belt is perfection with that dress! You look perfect!


  6. You are crazy if you feel indifferent about blue. It looks wonderful with your skin/hair! I love the pleated skirt too, it's a very visually interesting dress. I hope you have fun tonight!

  7. Ha! That sounds like a lot of fun! And I find the color blue interesting for me because I was pretty indifferent about the color, but it seems to dominate my closet for some reason so I guess it might be one of my favorites subconsciously. At any rate, this color blue looks great on you!

  8. That belt with that dress is perfection. Also sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, since I wasn't around family, I didnt do anything Eastery but I did get out into the wild since it was so nice outside!

  9. I fell in love with this dress! It's amazing and you look beautiful wearing it! Glad you had a nice holiday!




  10. That dress looks great on you, I'm so glad we swapped! The proportions were just wrong for me. I wore my new dress on Easter Sunday and it was perfect, I got a lot of compliments. So, thanks again for swapping with me. By the way, it's fun to see how you styled it, thanks for sending me the link to your blog.

  11. You look seriously stunning in this dress and I'm loving that hat. Navy blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and it's such a great color on you. Your Easter sounds so awesome! And I hope you enjoyed Local Natives. I've seen them at a few different festivals and they are pretty fun.

  12. I find it funny that you don't care for blue, because it honestly looks amazing on you. Very flattering for your coloring! Anyway, love this navy blue dress and the details. You're right, it fits perfectly!
    Haha, and that sounds like an awesome Easter to me actually. So fun!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. This dress is really amazing and I'm glad you found such a nice dress in blue (although you don't really like the color, it suits you perfectly)! Glad you had nice Easter :)

  14. This dress is so pretty! I feel the same way about blue! I don't dislike it, but I am definitely not usually drawn to it, even though it really is such a flattering color on most people!
    xo Hannah


  15. Wow ! I discover your blog tonight and I like it very well !
    You look tiny like me ;) !!

    Les Selfies de Pauline



  17. THIS DRESS. Great lace detailing and I really like it paired with that hat. Sounds like a great Easter, too!


  18. I have a total weak spot for blue- especially in the turquoise family. This dress looks amazing on you- I'm glad you went for it! Also, this FB swapping sounds pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure I saw the last half of a Local Natives set, opening for Arcade Fire and it was good. If I'm remembering the right band... :)


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