Friday, May 9, 2014

Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show

The Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show was last night and it was incredible! This was my second year curating a collection, styling the models, choosing the hair and make-up and watching the vision come alive on the runway. Last year was much more chaotic and stressful, but this year, was super organized and incredible. The Aveda students stepped up their game and made all the ladies look stunning. There was serious magic being created backstage. We all had so much fun!

My models totally nailed it on the runway. Mostly thanks to the incredible runway coach from Elite Model Management. He was helpful and very encouraging. They totally owned it.

The theme was loosely "boho", but I think it was much more "light weight summer hippie". My main goal was to allow everyone to step out of their comfort zones of style and try something new. Whether it was their hair, make-up, or outfit, I wanted it to feel like an experience. And it very much so was! I had different visions for everyone's hair based on their length, but mostly, I wanted messy, big, and wavy hair.

I was interviewed for a radio show on camera! It was terrifying, but the lady that interviewed me was amazingly awesome and put my nerves at ease. Hopefully I can find that and all the other posts on the event soon. I was so thrilled to be able to snap some photos of the models outside and document the outfits. A lot of my models are bloggers, so check out their blogs for full outfit posts (hopefully).

It was such an honor to be a part of an event for such a great company with a great mission. A huge thank you to the staff of Goodwill for putting on such a great event and for having me! Go out and support your local Goodwill.

I was also able to meet a lot of really great Clevelander's. Y'all should check out this post with some photos of the event.

Shout out to my blogger models:
Rachel, Anna, Jess, Gina, and Abby.

click the "goodwill" tag to see previous posts from this year & last
And thanks to the non-bloggers: Emily, Teya, Chrissy, Nicole, and soon-to-be blogger Dawn.

12 comments on "Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show"
  1. Oh, so glad to hear it went well. Looks like the girls were all gorgeous :D

  2. You did a fantastic job! They all look phenomenol, as do you! Like always, of course.

    Sammydress and I have teamed up to bring you the perfect summer giveaway. You can check it out and enter here!:

    xx Katie

  3. That looks like so much fun! The models look so cute and I can't even imagine how fun it was to meet all those fellow bloggers for such an awesome event.

    1. Actually, they all live really close to me and we've hung out before/met up etc. It's really incredible to have so many of us so close!

  4. Seriously, such a great event! Thanks so much for including me! I will be posting soon - just need to get my ish together - looks like the Nudge Blog is the perfect place for me!


    1. I can't wait to see it and you totally killed it!

  5. Everything looked amazing and it definitely was an experience I won't forget! Thanks again for having me & my friend!! :)

  6. Just saw these! Gorgeous photos of everyone! Y'all looked beautiful and I had such a fun time!

  7. The dress came a little wrinkled, but there was plenty of time with me beforehand to deal with that. I couldn't wait to wear it in front of all my friends.
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  8. So glad everything went well!! All the girls look amazing, I'm always so impressed with what people come up with from Goodwill. Fabulous job! And an interview?! How exciting!



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