Random Love: The Menzingers

Saturday, May 17, 2014

When it comes to music, I'm either really early or REALLY late on something good. I've accidentally stumbled upon all of my favorite bands -- whether it be from a mix tape, a sticker that came with a package, as openers, or the good ole fashioned way, from a friend. The other night a friend messaged me saying nothing except, "The Menzingers". This led to a conversation about music, pop punk, punk, and well, The Menzingers.

I started listening and I haven't really stopped. His favorite songs off Rented World are much different than mine, but that's the real beauty of music. Even better? They're playing Cleveland at my favorite venue in a few weeks. There's nothing quite like seeing a band when you're in a full fledged love affair.

The Menzingers are like every punk band you've ever loved, but unlike every punk band you've ever heard. They're that band holding on to the past while reinventing the scene and bringing some much needed heart into it. It's punk, it's a little pop punk, and it's got acoustic jams. This is my musical dream and Rented World is fabulous.

Purchase their jams: itunes or on vinyl (comes with digital file). Their entire record is also streaming on YouTube & Spotify.

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