Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Like the last few posts, this dress was from a swap! Is that getting boring yet? I'm sorry, but I simply received way too many amazing items. I think long sleeved dresses are hard to pull of, but this one is really great. The back has a very deep v, so it's a little scandalous. I think the sleeves were supposed to make up for it. Either way, this dress is incredibly comfortable and perfect for this time of year. I wore this to the Slackers show on Friday. Which by the way was really great. I mean, it was the Slackers how could it not be?!

These boots are from Ami club Wear. These boots are seriously great. For one, they're pink and pink is the best color. Plus I've been lusting after a pair of boots with a cut like this. As a short girl with tiny feet, I don't know that pointy shoes are the best option for me, but these seem to be the exception. Also don't let the Ami club Wear name or website mislead you. It's not just sexy dresses + club wear. Their shoes are REALLY great.

I re-did my header. Well, actually my boyfriend, Victor did. I had an idea in my head, figured out how to do it, but couldn't totally nail it. My boyfriend is a perfectionist who would spend two hours adjusting something to be just right. I'm so far from that person and that's where he comes in. I know I don't talk about him much on here, but that's only because he's just too cool for words.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped
Boots: C/O Ami club Wear
Vest: Swapped
Hat: Handmade
Belt: C/O ASOS

16 comments on "Rocksteady "
  1. That dress is really cool, love the nude/black lace combo. Also I always thought it was called "Am I Club Wear" when I saw the tags lol.

  2. I think I've seen you wear that belt before and its just amazing! Also awesome new header!

  3. Pretty! Loooove those shoes. And your header looks super cute!

    xox Sammi

  4. Those boots are adorable.

    And that header- I really do think it might be my favorite. Balances your girly and edgy sides so well.

  5. Well you certainly seemed to have lucked out with that swap. You look super cute in this dress :) Such a perfect concert outfit too. Those boots are awesome and the vest adds the perfect amount of edge.

  6. This look is perfection. So is the new header. So win-win as far as swaps and boyfriends go :)


  7. Yup, I like the new header, kudos to your boyfriend! Sounds like you guys make a good team :)
    Looove the pretty dress, you're finding the best stuff from these swaps

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Um.... can we just talk about these shoes!!! They are so cool... super jealous! I love the new header. I like how it's pink and faminine but edgy at the same time. Too cool.

  9. I LOVE this dress on you! The colors just worrrkkk.


  10. Loving the long sleeves on it.. very cute! Those boots.. NEED!!

  11. Replies
    1. If you are a size 6/7 you can have them hahaha

  12. Look at you getting all mushy about Victor ;). You got some really great stuff from the swap group so far! I have like three packages coming in today. It's seriously addictive.


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