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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Let's be real, your blog probably won't be the next biggest multi-million dollar blog. You probably won't get a ticket to Paris or a runway show, but that's okay. Sure, people appreciate good style, but it's not the most "shareable" content. Shareable content is what gets the highest amount of traffic. People aren't going to go nuts pinning your outfit or re-tweeting it. That's generally not what style blogging is about. So, if you have a style blog and want to have viral posts, you might want to refocus your blog. Though these tips are universal for organically growing your readership because at the core all blogs are similar. I just relate it to what I know!

Be realistic & Set goals
Is is possible for you to gain 900 followers on Facebook in six months? No. Unless you're buying them off a guy in Asia. Look at your stats and figure out where your strengths are. Is Twitter where all of your followers are? Do you get consistent traffic from any specific network? This is all situational, so it's important to look at your blog and your blog only in this. For me, I get decent Facebook traffic, strong Twitter traffic, and consistent BlogLovin' traffic. Those are the networks I focus on more than I would say Tumblr or Instagram.

Once you pick a focus, set some goals. Want to get 50 Facebook followers in three months? Okay, that's doable. But what can you do to get there? Link your Facebook in all your posts, tweet links that lead there, do Facebook only giveaways and share more than your posts on Facebook. This will reach more people and will get more attention to this network.

Work towards your goals
Setting goals is one thing, but achieving them is another. If you've started making follower count goals, get active. You must do something beyond wishing them to appear.

Giveaways that require a follow to enter are a surefire way to up your follower count. Why else do you think people do them?! (Just kidding, sort of).

Followers vs. Comments
This is and always will be a huge debate in the blogging world. To me, commenting is more important. If I go to a blog and they have 55650648489238738 followers and zero comments, I think that a) they paid for their followers b) they got them from giveaways. Neither of these are inherently bad, but a huge number count means nothing if your followers do not care enough to interact with you.

Comments show a few things that a number can't. It shows that readers care enough to take time out of their day to say something. It shows that what you are posting is actually interesting and worth talking about. It also shows that you (more than likely) have a great network of loyal readers.

Guest Post + interview
If you're new to blogging, guest posting on your friend's blog is a great way to get exposure to a new set of readers. Usually bloggers reach out to other bloggers when they're on vacation, but feel free to reach out and ask. Never be afraid to ask bloggers you admire to work with you.

I love interviewing other bloggers or people. This is a surefire way for free promotion. The blogger or person you interview will share on their networks their "press". This will lead new people to you. If you do a good job with the interview, you'll probably also gain new followers. This is a win/win for everyone involved.

Networking is about 95% of blogging. You cannot expect followers and engagement without working a little bit at it. Want followers? Follow others. Want comments? Comment on other blogs. If your time is limited, set a time after each post to be specifically for commenting on other blogs. This is a great habit to get into and it builds community, friendship, and potentially exposure.

I have met some of the best people through blogging. We started as casual commenters and are now real life friends. Those people are the ones that will tell their friends, link, and promote you. But more than that, these are the people that you'll have lifelong friendships with.

Engage your readers
Ask questions, do surveys, post interesting content. Use Twitter to engage in conversations. Twitter is a wonderful format for asking questions (related to blogging, life, music, whatever). This engages people that already follow you, allows for re-tweets, and if you use hash tags new users will be able to find you. If a reader emails you, asks a question in the comments (or even on Instagram), answer them. Nobody likes to be ignored. This is a great way to show your readers that you notice them and care.

Be original
There are a billion blogs out there and a billion people are doing exactly what you are. So, what makes you different? Why should we be reading your blog? Just being you is enough, but if you are re-creating and/or copying what others have done it will show. Find what you are passionate about and tell the world.

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