Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Noto Fashion Show

noto boutique, akron

In Akron, summer is defined by the Noto fashion show. It's a yearly fashion show curated by boutique owner, Lauren Ward. Lauren is a sweetheart that supports Akron in a million different ways. Her boutique is as wonderful as she is and it's so nice to have a local shop that supports other local designers too.

The event has switched venues over the years, but the past two years have been at the Trolley Barn. The Trolley Barn is this really cool space in downtown Akron. It's basically a gigantic outdoor space with an awning. The structure underneath looks incredibly rustic and beautiful. Out of the venues of the past few years -- this is one of my favorite. It really lends itself to the sound of the DJ and the atmosphere of Noto.

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Each year she picks a theme, stocks those clothes (to be sold in her store), styles, and plans the entire show. There are local businesses selling treats, a custom Noto drink, pop-up shops of local crafter's, stunning models, and a special musical guest. It essentially pulls together so many different parts of the Akron scene and brings them all together in one lovely evening. So many of the outfits had me swoonin'. Best part? The outfits were available for purchase after the event.

The theme this year was "Vintage Americana". To me the inspiration was all about wearing red, white, and blue with out being over the top "I love America!" Which is something that is always a challenge for me with these colors. The ladies had a perfect mix of vintage and messy modern hair. The jewelery was chunky and classic.

I was seated directly across from the bright lights on stage which resulted in less than stellar photos, but that didn't stop me from tryin'.

Past Years:
2011 & 2012.