Sunday, June 22, 2014

OOTD; color show

The day these photos were taken it was about 98 degrees or something. Can you tell? Looking at them I can feel the heat oozing out. Anyways, this dress is another piece from Sammy Dress and I've got to say, it's stunning. Well, besides the fussy collar. I am not one for fussy clothes, however, the quality from Sammy Dress has truly blown me away. This dress is perfect for the extreme heat as it's light weight and breezy. In the thick humid summer air, this is a must.

Saturday afternoon, some friends and I headed to Cleveland to see Dan Savage, author, writer, columnist, creator of Savage Love + It Get's Better Project. The event was mostly about the latter project which is all about raising awareness for LGBT Youth to prevent suicide. The videos span from every day people to President Obama. It's a powerful movement that's changing the lives of so many kids. Savage's speech was empowering on so many levels. There wasn't a single dry eye in the place. I could feel the energy, sadness, and community that this movement is bringing. It's a huge issue that needs discussed. I highly suggest watching the videos and sharing the project with anyone that could benefit from it. Also read Savage Love because it's a hilarious "love" column.

My point? Dan Savage is rad.

Outfit Details:
Dress: C/O Sammy Dress
Shoes: Payless
Ring: Gift from my mom
Headband: Gift
Belt: Thrifted, Unique Thrifts

Photos by Gina

17 comments on "OOTD; color show"
  1. I love the dress, it shows off your tattoos very nicely. Also those shoes make me want to go to Payless and find my own pair! I love wedges and those look just the right height. Sounds like a really great event, I've actually never heard of him but I'll have to look into it.

  2. I just can't get over how cute your hair is! And that dress is awesome, I love the fussy collar! :)

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  4. Jeez, your hair is seriously the cutest! That website has some pretty dresses!

  5. Oooh, I'm impressed by their quality too! This dress is phenomenal, and I adore the pink belt you paired with it <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. That sounds like an amazing event. I have been very intrigued and supportive of that movement. It's for such a great cause. I love your fun polka dot dress!

  7. I love how black on white looks (as opposed to white on black) so naturally I love this dress haha. The neckline is so cute and you look adorable :) What a great cause to be supporting as well.

  8. Not sure how it is in real life, but here the collar gives a decidedly fun 60s vibe. You are adorable in polka dots. Also, thank you for linking to that!

  9. I love this polka dot dress on you. Also, your mom got you a great ring! That event sounds really amazing, I wish I could have been there :)

  10. I really like the unique collar on this dress and the polka dots are always fantastic in my book. I really love your hat ring too. My sister bought me one like that but it's gigantic so I hardly ever wear it! I may need to break it out...

    (Also, I'm just moving back home about an hour from school until I get my life together and turn into a grown up somehow. I still have a month to get my crap out of my apartment, thankfully. Then it's finding a full time job somewhere and saving money!)

  11. My husband LOVES Dan Savage! I bet he would be really cool to see him speak. Love your quotation mark tattoos, btw. :-)

  12. This dress is SO cute, and this blue wall is the most perfect backdrop for it. I cannot get over how amazing your hair looks. It's just fantastic. And so cool you got to see Dan Savage!!

  13. So happy with how these pictures turned out! We'll definitely have to return to that area for another shoot soon!

  14. this dress is lovely on you. I love your hair!!
    Based on these photos, you can't even tell it's that sweltering out! =)

  15. I've been reading Dan Savage columns for years. And I listened to his podcast for awhile too. He's so hilarious with some of his answers.

    I saw him at Pitt a few years ago when he was first promoting the It Gets Better Project. It was so surreal to see him in person, haha. Glad you got to see him!

  16. Well, this dress is definitely a winner and my books! I absolutely love the large polka dots and the classic black and white.

  17. you look absolutely adorable!!


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