Random Love: The Fault in Our Stars

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars is 100% not my kind of book. I'm not that into sad stories, romances, and depressing tales of cancer — that's my sister's jam. She brought this book to me and told me I had to read it. So, I did. After seeing the same boring preview over and over on television for the movie —I went into this with zero expectations. Once I started reading though, I couldn't stop. By that I mean, I didn't move for five hours straight and read this entire book in one sitting.

I am a huge fan of young adult fiction. I think there's something powerful about being young and the perspective that comes with it.

This book, okay, so everyone is aware that it's a book about teens with cancer, right? And that in itself is upsetting. Well, that's really only the very surface of the plot of the book. It's a heart wrenching tale about life, whimsy, metaphors, and love within all of those. It's a bit cheesy and predictable, but there are some parts of this novel that were so well written that I could not function.

It's one of those stories that stays with you and I'm okay with that.

My friend and I saw the movie today and while some of my favorite parts were left out, it is very true to the book. And yes, we sobbed our way through the entire thing.

My point? Give this movie/book a shot. It might ruin your day, but everyone needs a good cry, right?

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