BLOG SERIES: How-To Get Out of a Blogging Rut

Friday, August 29, 2014

Blogging can be exhilarating and simultaneously exhausting. It's increasingly easier to get burned out in an over saturated market. It might be the changing of the seasons, but the Internet feels very stale lately. I've definitely been off my usual game from lacking style inspiration to lacking the energy to create. But here's how I got back on track.

Yes, a social media/internet detox. With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and a hundred other ways to stay in touch (digitally) -- it's important to take a step back every now and then. I didn't check Instagram for an entire day, didn't get on Twitter for three and I never once opened my Bloglovin' app. I didn't leave a single comment or read a single blog post. I disconnected briefly, but enough to not be overwhelmed by others thoughts, opinions, and lives.

Be Present and Active
When you're not spending time absorbing other people's online lives, you have time to be actively aware in your own life and surroundings. There is so much inspiration and beauty surrounding us. Beauty that is easy to miss when we're not looking it directly in the eye.

I find so much inspiration when I go for a walk that I want to scream. It's simple and yet, it's exactly how I get back refocused. What soothes you? Is it yoga, running, hiking? There's something about the outdoors that can change you.

Meet with a Friend
This seems easy, I know. But you'd be surprised at how talking with a creative minded person can get you back on track and interested. Abby and I met up last night and we discussed everything from blogging to sports to the kids we grew up next door to. In those few hours we spent together, we came up with more ideas and plans than I have on my own in a month.

Blogging is a very solo activity and it can be isolating when you are the sole creator. Collaborating with other people on ideas, events, and just bouncing ideas off of each other can completely drag you out of your rut and help you feel enthusiastic again.

Break Your Routine
Think about what has you feeling in a rut or uninspired. If you're a style blogger, is it your clothes? If you're a lifestyle blogger is it the constant over sharing of your life? We, as bloggers, make a choice to document our lives in some capacity. With that comes a routine and a pressure to be constantly creating bloggable moments or outfits.

Do something you never do. Whether it be wearing your hair a different way or not documenting your meal, use that and to help give you a different spin on life.

Don't Worry About It
Let me tell you something, there is no reason to ever apologize about not blogging. For most, blogging is a hobby. Hobbies should be fun. The minute we feel the need to apologize is the moment we need to take a step back. When the blog feels like a burden there's no point. So, chill out, sit back, and enjoy that missed day of blogging.

What are you tips and tricks for surviving a lull in blogging?

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