Thursday, August 21, 2014

OOTD; Coma Girl

I've always been into birthday's. Well, other people's birthday's that is. There's just something about celebrating the life of those you adore. Whether it's just a simple breakfast or a show -- it's a reason to celebrate! But when it comes to my own, I'm like "STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO ME," Over the years, however, I've learned that nothing is more sad than doing nothing at all on your birthday. Which is why I make sure to do something different every year. This year? Cleveland or Columbus for the day. Haven't decided (thanks to the weather), but either way it will include lots of amazing food, delicious coffee, and shopping. I mean, what could be better? Oh, and I share a birthday with Joe Strummer aka the front man of the Clash. So, I totally win the birthday lottery.

Also holy crap, August is almost over. I'm another year older and my nephew just turned six. I mean, wow, where does the time go?

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth, clothing swap
Belt: C/O Versona (old)
Shoes: H&M
Vest: Birthday gift (from Toronto)
Glasses: C/O Sunglasses Warehouse
16 comments on "OOTD; Coma Girl"
  1. I love that dress!

    I'm not into birthdays, though I wish I was. I really only ever get into it when it's my boyfriend, but other than that, I treat it very casually. I just don't find them all that special. But, I understand why people do.

    Katie |

  2. I love birthdays! I hope you have an amazing day, whatever you end up doing. Yay August babies :)

  3. I hope whatever you decide to do that it's a good time. Happy Birthday, Jessica! :)

  4. Hope the weather lets you have a fantastic birthday! Love this outfit :)


  5. Is your birthday today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am huge into birthdays. I think they are the best ever. I hope whatever you end up doing, you have a great time!

  6. Lookin' good! Pretty little punk girl!!! I feel the same way about Birthdays... I'm like just take me out to dinner (just me and the Mister) and then call it a night.
    I love you jean vest with all the studded goodness.

  7. Cute outfit! Have a great birthday!! ♥

  8. I feel the same way, I call myself a birthday ambassador when it comes to my friends birthdays because I want to make sure they have the best day possible!
    Great outfit!

  9. This look rocks. Those shoes are especially excellent.

    I'm very into birthdays, and during recent years I've transitioned from being mostly just into my own birthday to being mostly into other people's. I no longer endow my birthday with the magic I did when I was little, but I still enjoy throwing a party most years and always making sure to buy myself a birthday dress.


  10. My family's never done much for birthdays- all of us were either right around holidays, or the start of school, or both (and in a family of teachers, nothing is quite so busy as the start of school), so it made a really big impact that first year of college when people made a big deal about my birthday. Nothing pricey- just they put a flier under everyone in our dorm's door to instruct them to wish my happy birthday. All those well wishes made me smile so much. Still don't do too much now that I'm out of school, but you have the right idea. Do something.

    Hoping you are having fabulous time in which ever place you decide; you are rocking that pink look so well! Many happy returns!

  11. I hope you had a fabulous birthday (although I think you described it as hilariously bad?). This is such a classic Jessica look. Those shoes are amazing, I don't think I've seen you wear them before. If only we were the same size.... :)

  12. Love those sunnies! Agree it feels very sad to pretend your birthday isn't happening - and it's a great excuse to plan something fun to do regardless. Hope you had a good one :)

  13. Happy Birthday!!!! I also have found that doing nothing on your birthday can be quite depressing so its better to do something even with the attention. I always how effortlessly rocker chic your looks are. I hope you had a grand birthday and that the weather held up for you!

  14. I am also very good at other people's birthdays! I am always in charge with the presents and I looove it! I always pick the best gifts! Happy birthday, sweet girl! The dress looks amazing! I love the color!

    Lots of hugs from far away!



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