OOTD; More Adventurous

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last weekend, I went to Cleveland to hang out with my sister, eat good vegan food, and second-hand shop. It was a pretty good day. Plus I scored this Rilo Kiley shirt and this amazing skirt. I don't generally like to buy band t-shirts not at shows, but I was NOT in a band t-shirt phase last time I saw Rilo. I also don't love band shirts promoting albums, though I get it. Anyways, they're broken up and eBay has an AWFUL overpriced selection of Rilo Kiley shirts. This is what I like to call fate. My friend Allison has this skirt and one of my most favorite outfits of hers is when she's wearing it. So, when I saw it for $4, I had to buy it, right?

I recently revived my Storenvy and I have TONS more items that need photographed. So, take a look around. I have a discount running now for 10% off (10off). So, please buy my clothes so that I can buy more.

This afternoon, Rachel, Megan, Abby and myself, are meeting up to eat treats, drink coffee, and talk blog/take photos. A mini-blog workshop if you will and I'm so excited. We're always trying to keep the local blog scene alive and networked.

Outfit Details:
Shirt/skirt: Avalon Exchange
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Payless
Jacket: Swapped (from a clothing swap)
Sunglasses: C/O Sunglasses Warehouse
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