Sunday, September 7, 2014

Into the Woods

A summer without wearing this dress isn't truly a summer. This is another dress I was DYING to wear with my pixie. To me, this dress was made for the pixie. I felt 100% like a woodland creature. It was a little too dark in the woods when we were trying to take these photos, but instead of stopping, we went with it. I ended up editing these photos so much differently than I usually do due to the darkness. While they're nothing near my usual style, I figured it's okay to step outside of the norm every once and awhile.

These shoes were a birthday gift from my brother and his wife, Emily. They're amazingly comfortable and so adorable you can't tell they have a tiny heel. They will definitely be in high rotation.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Zara
Shoes: ModCloth (birthday gift from Emily)
Belt: From another ModCloth dress
Headband: Claire's
15 comments on "Into the Woods"
  1. You know the minute I saw the first photo, without reading anything, I immediately thought "whoa these are some awesome photos!" LOL So I approve! And this dress is so beautiful and fun! Totally works well with a pixie!

  2. Ahh you look so pretty! I definitely get the woodland fairy vibe here and I love it. This dress is seriously gorgeous on you. Such a cute pair of shoes too. I love when I get great, useful, & stylish gifts from people!

    Jamie |

  3. Your shoes look like tap shoes! I like it- ballet dress teamed with tap shoes!
    It's like SJP in SATC credits!x

  4. The editing you did to these photos adds an even more ethereal layer to them. I adore them & this dress! :)

  5. That truly is a fairy dress! So light and fun and the perfect color with your pale, dreamy skin. So beautiful!

  6. I am in love with this whole look, from the outfit, to the location, to the editing. It's perfection!

    Katie |

  7. Yes, you were absolutely right. This dress was meant to be worn with your pixie. You look like a little woodland nymph! Love how pretty this is on you.
    Excellent choice for the background too

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. These photos turned out so beautifully! I don't think I've ever seen such an atmospheric outfit post. Beautiful dress to compliment a pixie indeed, love it! CC x

  9. I adore these photos. They certainly keep up with the mystical "woodland creature" aesthetic. You look positively dreamy.

  10. The lighting + that dress on you together make you seem like a woodland fairy, f'reals.

  11. Awesome photos and dress! You look amazing.

  12. Beautiful dress, it looks lovely on you :)
    Also, great editing on the photos, I think they turned out great!


  13. You're a fairy princess! The nighttime background is awesome - well done.


  14. In the best way possible- you look like a woodland fairy, like you walked out of Midsummer's Night Dream.


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