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Friday, September 5, 2014

I am obsessed with television. My obsession does not stem from a lack of better things to do, but rather from my love of all the craft that goes into creating a television show. I might not cry at weddings, but I cry during series finales. I have a problem. I know. Summer is the weirdest time to be a television fan, but I've been keepin' up. I don't know what to do with all my thoughts on television, music, and movies, so I figure, why not share it with you?

Party Down: Party Down was one of my favorite shows. Created by the writer of Veronica Mars and stars two of my favorite people: Adam Scott & Lizzy Caplan. The show has a specific dry humor and it's absolutely hilarious. I cannot recommend this show enough.

Gilmore Girls: Ah, Gilmore Girls. This show dominated a huge chunk of my life. I grew up with Rory and dreaming about living a life even half as cool as her. This show was made powerful by the mother/daughter dynamic Rory and Lorelei shared mixed with their quick wit, pop culture references, and good looking boys. Plus the show didn't end with your stereotypical ending and to me, that makes it all the more meaningful. I only own the final season, but thank goodness for DVR and daily reruns.

Currently Coveting
Candidly Nicole: I liked the Simple Life, but I never really like Paris Hilton. Which is why I love this show. It's the Simple Life without Paris and a lot more Lionel Richie. Nicole Richie is adorable, well dressed, and absolutely hilarious. I'm not much into reality shows, but I think this show is a must. I spend all week looking forward to it because it's one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud.

House of Lies: I love Kristen Bell and while she isn't the star of this show, it's good enough for me. In typical Showtime fashion there is an unnecessary amount of nudity and cursing, but it's actually a really deep and meaningful show. It also stars some characters from Parks & Recreation (my favorite), so I'm all in.

Over It
Pretty Little Liars: This has been one of my favorite shows for a very long time. I love the characters, the idea, the style, and every actress in it. But it's lost its course. This show makes no sense. Nothing is solved and whenever a plot gets exciting the squander it or kill someone. I have questions from season one that I am still wondering about. I'll continue to watch it in hopes that they'll learn to solve plots, straighten out the kinks, and allow the characters to grow. Right now though? It's a total snooze fest.

America's Next Top Model: I've been very fair weather with this show. It's usually entertaining and somewhat educational. But this season is a wreck.

Still Thinking About
Orphan Black: Within the first two minutes of this show, I was hooked. It's seriously one of the most well crafted and mind blowing shows. I binged watched all three seasons in about two weeks and I'm still thinking about it. This is a must watch for anyone who has an interest in psychological thrillers.

Selfie: So, I couldn't pass up a new show with such a hideous name now could I? This show is more awful than you could probably imagine. It's a show about the Internet that seems to be written by someone who doesn't use the Internet? Absolutely awful. I now regret watching it...

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