Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diamond Mine

I've never been much of a polka dot gal. I've always leaned more towards floral or solid prints, but polka dots? They've always just been blah to me, however, I've recently acquired two different polka dot pieces and I'm not mad about it. I've always been inspired by Elana and the way she effortlessly wears deep hues and polka dots. So, this one is for my girl, Elana.

My favorite black booties that I wore all last winter have seen better days and by that I mean, I'm missing a piece of the bottom of a heel and they make a distinct noise when I walk. So, I made it an early fall goal to find a replacement. When all my usual stores failed me, I ended up at a Kohl's. Which is not a place I ever think to shop, but that might change because their boot selection was out of this world. Now, be prepared to see these boots non-stop for the next four months. I won't apologize for that because they're comfortable, look good with just about everything, keep me semi-warm, and make me tall. These are what shoe dreams are made of. S/O to my sister, Lisa for picking these out. She's got a good eye for practicality.

P.S. Oh, and my tights are orange. Not red. I would never wear red, white, and blue not on Fourth of July. The colors on monitors are different and I feel like I need to let y'all know I'm not that into America.

Outfit Details:
Dress: H&M, swapped
Shoes: Kohl's
Tights: We Love Colors
Jacket: BB Dakota, Revival (local boutique)
Headband: Gift

19 comments on "Diamond Mine"
  1. Those boots are adorable! Thanks to you, I actually went to Kohl's on Sunday and it was pretty awesome. I got some really cute boots for Bianca for like ten bucks.

    I can definitely see Elana's influence in this outfit. I don't know why you're not too fond of polka dots, I love 'em! This dress is so cute and works perfectly with black and red.

  2. Wow! We are practically wearing the same dress today! Neat! I love yours with rust and the leather jacket. I am going to have to try that now! There was a time when I was a dedicated Kohl's shopper. I haven't been there in a long while but I was always pretty impressed with their shoes and dresses in specific. I've also found several bags I like there--and I'm not even really a bag person!

  3. This is really cute! The red, white, and blue could have gone very 4th of July, but I think you've done a great job bringing it into fall with the tough, black leather accessories. I'm not usually a big polka dot fan either, but you work it really well here.

  4. Bahaha, way to clarify...I really thought they were red until you said that.
    I know, I love how others wear polka dots, but when it comes to my own closet...I don't think I own more than one item that's polka dotted.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. It's very cute! I love the orange tights :D

    I never hit up Kohl's.. but for boots like that?! YES. That is my only exception haha.

  6. Blue and orange is one of my favourite colour combos! Cobalt blue especially - I love! Actually, I love everything about this look.

    And yay, khols! Never completely discount the discounter?

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  7. This still makes me so happy because I'm always getting inspiration from you. Also, I love that my most recent post is me wearing blue polka dots. I'm so predictable. This dress seriously looks adorable on you, and now I'm thinking I have to go to Khol's soon because these boots are unreal.


  8. I was polka dot queen in high school and thought they were the wooooorst in college. So I've been slowly coming back to liking them. I love this dress though! Elana is the true polka dot queen though!


  9. I hear you on the polka dots thing - I loved them years ago but now I find them uninspiring and hard to wear with anything. I like what you've done here with the colours though - your colour pairings are always so good! And indeed, shoes that do all the things you say but particularly giving height while still being comfortable are the best! CC x

  10. I am loving the red stockings with the dress!!!

  11. So glad you were able to put that dress to good use! I still love it but it just isn't long enough anymore!

  12. Haha I totally thought they were red and didn't bat an eye with your patriotism! It looks great together! Swap successsssss!!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  13. Don't you hate it when you wear orange and it turns out red on camera or monitors? That always happens to me with my favorite orange lipstick-- it just.. always looks red, but it's definitely orange in real life. Anyway, I love the orange tights with the blue! I think they look fantastic, and... y'know, I love polka-dots, but I don't seem to ever really like them on myself. Mostly just on other people.
    Also, those boots look awesome, and I have maybe three pairs of shoes I'll probably just live in until the cold weather goes away. So don't feel bad repeating them. ;)
    Cardigan Giveaway!

  14. "I feel like I need to let y'all know I'm not that into America." LOL! Despite the almost-patriotic color combo, I still really digging this outfit.

  15. This is a perfect dress. I have always loved polka dots so I am always drawn to this sort of dress. Love the brights tights with it. I noticed the dress is from H &M. We just had one open in Australia but I have not yet been to check it out but I am interested.

  16. You can never have too many polka dots! Oooooo. I also have a dress with an "exposed zippper" that is kinda tight on me that you might like. It's a neutral color with little black tribal patterns on it and there may be a few ruffles involved. I might wear it for one post and then send it your way.

  17. Please don't tell me I'm wrong - that's totally a Star Wars print on your bow right? *is hoping for points and getting this* Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, the compliment really means a lot.
    I am just catching up with yours and commenting on this post, but looking at the others too I wanted to say that I think your style blogging is really special. I've cut down on how many blogs I read, but yours is always one I enjoy going back to. I know what you mean about some of it, I do hate having to scroll through sponsored posts to get to real content about real people -seems strange when blogging should be all about people.
    And one more disjointed comment relating to another post - I am with you on the hats problem! I also, was all about the hats till the pixie cut and now -nope. They don't suit. It's the unexpected downside of the short hair. Especially things like fedoras or even my loved pink bowler, just look all wrong. But I keep trying hats on to find the pixie cut hat. :)


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