Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trouble Found Me

Our clothing swap was on Sunday and as always, Rachel was the best host. She made veggie chilli, had a cute corner set up with mismatches cups (for chilli) and mason jar cups where we could write our names, hummus, and unlimited snacks. I made cinnamon apple muffins and they were divine. Every swap is very different in terms of who shows up, how many attend, and how long they run. This one was smaller and everyone left super quickly. Which was totally fine because that left time for Abby, Rachel, my sister, Nicole, Lily and I to hang out, sort the leftovers and try on random things we'd never wear. Which is how I ended up with this dress. A midi dress isn't exactly number one on the list of things ladies under five feet should wear. Abby convinced me that I should in fact try it on and well, as you can see, I loved it. It's soft on top, silky on the bottom, and fits like a dream. Sometimes the pieces we least expect to work out are the best.

I realized awhile ago that with a pixie cut most of my hats do not work. This is a very sad thing to realize because everyone knows how much I loved hats. As it stands this is the only hat I have that I feel okay in. The first time I wore it, my mean male friends said I looked like an 80's pop star. I promptly went home and hung it up, but I tried it again and I didn't hate it.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped
Shoes: Gabriel Brother's
Belt: Swapped
Necklace: Land of Plenty
Hat: Forever 21
Cardigan: Swapped

17 comments on "Trouble Found Me"
  1. It's always those pieces we see that we don't think will work for us will work, maybe because we had a bad experience with it in the past or are judging it silently, but man isn't it rad when you can add something new and unique to your wardrobe? That dress is gorgeous on you and I love the silky material. :D

  2. That dress looks wonderful on you! I'm glad you guys had a great time at the swap.

  3. this might be one of my top favorites, lil j!

  4. I really love this whole look, and the midi length looks really good on you! I think the pixie cut really balances the long skirt. I have a similar hat that used to belong to my great grandma and the first time I wore it out a friend said "oh I didn't know Boy George was coming with us". I totally took that as a compliment because I love 80s new wave fashion, even though it wasn't meant that way :)

  5. I love this longer length on you! I also feel like midi lengths aren't for me (I'm 5ft2) and I'd say there's a definite length around 28" that looks horrendous, as it hits mid calf. But this looks just a bit longer than that length on me, so I'm wondering if I should think again now! And the hat looks great, don't let such comments put you off! CC x

  6. Such a fun outfit! Alex

  7. The midi looks lovely. I'm wary of wearing midi skirts too but they look so nice.

  8. Haha, it's funny how you claim both midi dresses and hats don't work, yet you look gorgeous here! That pink sweater with the lace is my favorite part, though :)


  9. I love this look! The midi looks brilliant on you. :D I feel your pain - when I got my pixie cut, it was really hard for me to wear any of my headbands (they were almost all elasticated and went all the way around - I just didn't have enough hair to hold them down anymore)!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  10. It's pretty! Glad they convinced you to try it! You should join our link up party - Let Your Light Shine Thursdays

  11. I second the 80's popstar comment!

  12. I think I already mentioned to you how much I like this outfit, and it really s the short hair+hat that makes it for me. Plus, as always, you look fab in pink ;)

  13. What are you talking about, woman?! That hat still looks way cute on you! I actually had that same dress in another color and gave it away because it never looked right on me. It's a different look for you but I totally dig it. I seriously wish I could join your swapping parties. It seems like so much fun!

  14. You look super classy. Love this look!


  15. I am in love with this outfit, it is way too cute

  16. Oh, I think with the right proportions (of dress), anyone can wear a maxi, no matter their height! It's just a matter of wearing a natural waist or an empire waist, a lower neckline or a higher one... wear whatever you love! I think it looks fabulous on you!
    And also, that hat is adorable.
    Cardigan Giveaway!

  17. I've had my hats made fun of so many times, even my what I thought were my most normal-looking ones, which made me remember hats still aren't really as mainstream as it can seem browsing around style blog, but I still love 'em. and I think you look great in this one. the pixie cut makes it extra good I think. I think you always look amazing w/ midi/maxi dresses, and I always love it because I never think they look great on average-height me. gorgeous outfit, and glad you had fun w/ friends at the swap!


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