End of Year Round Up (Part One)

Monday, December 29, 2014

This year in blogging has been very different. The landscape is changing and it doesn't seem to be returning to the old ways any time soon. That's totally fine, but for me, this year was super hard to keep blogging. I felt uninspired, unimpressed, and totally over it. Some long drives, deep conversations, and some time off have kept me going. Big thanks there to Abby for being my real life friend/blogging confident who has definitely kept me going this year with lots of rants, coffee, good food, and trips to Cleveland. The real point here is that I haven't felt like I was feeling my style this year until I started working on this post. I mean, I liked so many of my outfits that I'm actually splitting this up into two parts: pre & post pixie. I guess, I wasn't dressing as badly as I have felt about style. Thanks for being around!

The consensus? I like hats and the color pink.

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