What I'm Watching, Reading, & Listening to #3

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's been a little TOO long since the last Pop of Culture post. While I wrote this a little over a month ago, I figured, it's better late than never. Plus maybe It'll remind me to step up my game on this feature in the new year.

Listening to

Serial: I am a huge fan of This American Life and so, it was no surprise that I fell in love with the series. It's a weekly podcast tracking an old murder case. The host is investigating a murder that caught her attention. Her investigation is only a week ahead of what we hear on air. She's not setting out to prove the wrong guy is in jail. She's simply out to share a very interesting story. It's addicting. Plus it just ended and now you have no reason not to binge listen.

Hop Along -- Get Disowned: This is probably one of my favorite records of all-time. The lyrics are raw, emotional, and gut wrenching. The music itself is dark and heavy which creates this beautiful contrast. It's a must hear record and they recently signed to one of my favorite labels, Saddle Creek. I can't wait to hear the results.


Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I love anything Amy Poehler does and this book is no exception. The entire book is beautifully designed. It's smart and it's hilarious and it's perfect for anyone who wants a good laugh.

On Film
I'm going to be honest here, movies aren't totally my thing. I am prone to falling asleep in the middle of just about every movie. I, however, have been doing my best to keep my eyes open lately while I catch up on movies I should've seen forever ago.

Obvious Child
I love Jenny Slate and I love a movie with a strong female centric topic. This movie is heavy and it's important. I don't think there's been a movie completely focused on a female getting an abortion without it being danced around and/or actively talked about. This movie does all of that and more. It's so damn important to see this film and understand another female perspective.

What If
I was hesitant to watch this movie because I didn't love the Harry Potter films and I wasn't sure if Daniel Radcliff could be anyone other than Harry Potter. But surprise, he totally exceeded all of my expectations. He was a strong male lead and he worked beautifully next to Zoe Kazan. This reminded me a little bit of 500 Days of Summer without the annoyance of Zooey Deschanel. It was funny, meaningful, and perfectly romantic.

The To Do List
I only watched this movie because just about every person I love was in it -- Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, Alia Shawkat, just to name a few. It was set in the early 90's and it's horrendously bad. It was deliberately made to be cheesy, but it totally works. It's about a teenage girl who never breaks the rules, but decides to get in touch with her sexuality. What follows is a hilarious downward spiral with a happy ending.

Happy Christmas
This movie was recommended to me by Netflix because I watched some ABC Family Christmas film. I clicked it because I adore Anna Kendrick and indie films. I liked the way the movie was filmed, how serious yet light hearted it was, and how well Anna Kendrick performs. She portrays a young girl who lacks direction in her life and moves in with her brother, his wife, and their kid. She drinks a lot, does drugs, and generally disappoints them. In the midst, she gets a crush and her shit together. It's sweet and it's weird.


Revenge is one of those shows that probably should've ended a couple seasons ago. It has moments of being perfect, moments of being awful, and mostly moments of floating somewhere in-between. The basis of this show is fabulous and the cast is great, but it's not an idea that should be dragged through endless seasons. It, however, is taking a turn and getting VERY good. If you haven't seen this and like suspenseful drama, watch it now!

This used to be one of my favorite shows. It's got a fabulous cast (Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Mae Whitman), but it's on the final season and instead of wrapping things up nicely, it's a huge soap opera mess. I expected more from them, but ya' know I'm loyal 'till the very end.

America's Next Top Model
This is such a guilty pleasure for me. Let's face it, everything I know about looking good in photos I learned from this show.

I was drawn to Homeland because it reminded me of 24. It's an insanely intense show about terrorism and mental health. This show is dark and gruesome. It's not for the lighthearted, but it's damn good.

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