Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Through Being Cool

Saturday night I managed to get tickets to the sold out Saves the Day/Say Anything full album tours. It was perfect and I can't believe I've never seen Say Anything before. Afterwards, we ran into the guys from Saves the Day. They told us there was a secret show at the Grog Shop (best venue). We quickly made our way to the other side of Cleveland. It was relatively empty and STD played an entire other set. It was one of those rare great nights in Ohio.

This is what I wore. I love this dress so much and yet, somehow I always forget about it. S/O to Taylor for this amazing belt. She was my secret santa from Flock Together and sent me some beautiful belts.

It was about 30 degrees, rainy, and extraordinarily cold when we took these. So I apologize for the awkward everything.

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: Gift (ModCloth)
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Thrifted (from Taylor)
Tights: Target
19 comments on "Through Being Cool"
  1. Ah, that's so wonderful you managed to get tickets for something that's sold out! Congrats, really! :D It must have been a wonderful night.

    I love how those tights are textured with a pattern--they're so unique and it adds a little somethin' somethin'. Also your hair is always the cutest. <3

    ps) my commenting has been pretty awful lately, but I think I'm back and ready to get back in the blogging zone! thanks for sticking with me. :D

  2. Soo Jealous about Say Anything! I'm so glad you had a blast and got to go to a SECRET show (my 17 year-old, Livejournal-writing self is wigging out right now!).

    Also, this dress is pretty fab!


  3. I had shoes just like these once and I wore them so much they basically disintegrated - yours look so cute here I'm feeling all nostalgic about them again! Cute outfit and I'm loving the choice of tights again. I feel like I'm always commenting on your tights - you must just have the best ones! Also taking photos in winter is the worst. I just took a set where I was struggling to find a single one where I wasn't scowling at the cold! CC x

  4. That is insanely cool! I always thought of Say Anything as an underrated band. I loved your Instagrams stating that one of them played a cover of a Weezer song? That rocks! Love the dress/tights/blazer combo! And these photos don't look awkward--you always look so cool! (No pun intended there.)

  5. I can't say I'm familiar with either of those bands, but it's always awesome to manage to catch someone you really love. I feel like it's been forever since I've been to a show that I was really excited about - I really just need to pay more attention to who's coming around.
    Love this outfit. The red tights are great with your printed dress, and those shoes are so perfect for an evening out. Cute enough to feel pretty, sensible enough your feet aren't bleeding by the end of the night. Win/win.

  6. You are so brave for taking photos in the cold! Especially in 30 degree weather... wow! But you look super cute, I love the dress :)


  7. That dress is adorable. I love the subtle pattern on your tights.

  8. So thoughtful to capture the detail in the tights! Such a pretty outfit, and the belt is awesome, indeed! I don't try belts very often but this one makes me want to try more out :)


  9. Gah, that sounds like an amazing night! You always go to the coolest shows/have the best live music experiences.

    And this dress is beautiful, as always. I love that Taylor sent you belts since you always have such cool ones. She did a great job with this one!

  10. I like this look. There is something very polished about it.

  11. Wow, that sounds like a spectacular night! Finding out about the secret gig is just awesome. Way to go! I wish I lived near music scenes like this...sigh.
    Anyway, I had to pause and stare at that last shot of your tights - that pattern on it is so cool!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Super cute look, you layered really well!

  13. I love those shoes so much- they remind me of tap shoes. The colors of this dress are perfect- so bright yet somehow perfect for winter too :)

  14. Ah, that sounds like a night to never forget! One thing I dislike about living in Canada is the music scene - there could definitely be more shows! And awesome outfit, I love how bright the colours are especially paired with the black blazer. Those shoes have to be one of the cutest things ever too!

  15. Great you heard about that secret gig - it's those unpredictable things that make a good night.
    You looked gorgeous, as always!

    Have a great day,

  16. What a fun night!!! I miss seeing great bands.... I don't get out much these days. I love this outfit and I'm so excited you liked the belts. I was so worried you weren't going to like them. Ha ha! It looks great with your whole outfit (which I adore). I'm diggin' the red tights. I forgot how cold it gets in Ohio and I feel for you girlie and it's not even February yet!!!

  17. What a rad outfit to wear to a concert! I love when people get into the spirit of things and dress up all fun. I wish more people like you went to concerts I go to instead of all those sweatpants slackers.

  18. Double concert night sounds awesome to me! How cool that you ran into the band members. I think this is a fantastic concert look. Those red tights are perfect with this floral dress. I love how the cardigan makes the look a little more casual too. You look super pretty!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


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