Monday, January 5, 2015

Constant Nothing

I love this dress, but I don't actually love cats. I know, crazy, right? I will probably be shunned. I didn't grow up with animals, I have allergies and an irrational fear of creatures that don't think like humans. Though I do like animals on a case-by-case situation and so, that's why I only sort of feel like a poser in this dress. I got this from an online swap and I've worn it a lot since then. This is actually what I wore to the Every Time I Die show. I just had more sensible shoes on. I'm all about the sensible show shoe.

It's been forever since I've actually done an outfit post and I feel like there are a lot of things I could write about, but mostly, I'm so full on brunch.

Oh, but I did get this headband when I won a giveaway on Elana's blog. It was custom made by Salvage and Stone. I'm kind of obsessed with her aesthetic. This headband is perfect, well made, and the best accessory. When I first cut off my hair, I was totally anti-headbands. Now I am in the midst of a rediscovery obsession.

Outfit Details:
Dress: swapped
Tights: UO
Boots: Kohl's
Jacket: Gift (modcloth)
Headband: Won from Salvage and Stone
16 comments on "Constant Nothing"
  1. I don't typically like cats either unless they act like dogs.... they are cute and all but I don't like that they poop in boxes. Besides that I love wearing cat patterned clothes as well. I think this dress is adorable and I love the headband. I need to invest in a white faux leather jacket to shake things up a bit. I can't wait till I loose more weight and can borrow some of your fun and edgy clothes! Happy New Year!

  2. No worries. I am not a real animal fan either. I mean I am--but from a distance. Like our dog is perfect because she just lays around--she doesn't bark or jump or lick or annoy you. So I get it. And I think the cat craze is a little overrated. I do think that the dress is cute regardless.

  3. That headband is really cute and looks good on you :) I think cats are cute in photos haha


  4. I am so glad you love your headband! It looks so good with your bright blonde hair.

  5. I was deathly allergic to cats until my 20s so my 2 cats now are my first ever. It's been so fun having them the last 10 years and getting to know weird cat quirks I didn't know existed before :) The headband is super cute and perfect with short hair- glad your obsession is back! Also- cool tights, they are a really unique color!

  6. You won't be shunned; I"m not a cat fan either.

    You look adorable though!

  7. I like cats, but I'm definitely more of a dog person. I want things that run towards me, not away.
    Love this outfit! Cats or not cats, that dress is really cute. I like how you bring really sweet things, like this dress, back down to earth with tougher accessories, like your studded jacket and ankle boots. Very cool, as always.

  8. Haha, sensible show true. For me, it's all about combat boots or sneakers.
    I'm actually lightly allergic to cats, but I still love on my friend's cats when I visit. However, I'm more of a dog person anyway.
    But who cares when it comes to a cute dress, right?

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  9. I am totally in favor of cats and cat things! But I get what you're saying. Sometimes I think stuff with bird print on it is cute but in real life birds are just weird.

  10. Love your look, as per usual. But I don't love cats. I have one, but only because I like animals and she was cute and in need of a good home. Otherwise, I'm totally a dog kind of person. When I tell people that I don't like cats, I get that look of hate, then have to explain myself to everyone. Only room in my heart for one feline.


  11. Loving this outfit and THAT dress!
    I am the same as you, I am not a huge fan of horses yet I have a make-up bag with a, you guessed it, a horse print! But Ii just love the pattern on it and cannot bare to let it go :)

  12. Not a fan of cats either, I feel like many bloggers are cat ladies bc they see every blogger obsess about it lol.

  13. hehe...I know what you mean. I see certain things that I think are just so cute but sometimes they have things on them that I'm personally not a fan of (like you with cats) and I feel somewhat conflicted! haha. What a style problem. =) Happy new year!

  14. What a nice dress ! Love your style :-)

  15. This dress is amazing, love it.


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