Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Everything in twos

This is less of an outfit and more of what it looks like when trying to have a cute outfit on in Ohio. I've never been a coat collector as it always seemed foolish to own a million coats when a lot of the population can't afford one and let's be honest, I don't have the space for excess items. I've always been a thrift/swap/second hand kind of coat wearer, but this year, I was extremely cold. So, I headed to the mall and found the exact coat I saw online for a fraction of the cost and with bigger pockets -- which as a non-purse carrier is vital. I irrationally bought it and to get my money's worth, I plan to wear it every single day. Even when I'm sleeping.

I wore this outfit to a local show where local bands were doing covers of mainstream bands for charity. It was one of the most fun events I've been to. Each band had a genre and they all pretty much nailed it. I got to hear Chumbawamba, Weezer, Michael Jackson, Brand New, New Found Glory, Rage Against the Machine and a bunch of other gems. The venue was packed and everyone was screaming the words and dancing. It was basically a huge party and what's better than a good party? Plus we ended the night in pizza. All nights with pizza are good nights.

Oh, and I'm not mad. I'm just cold.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Macy's
Boots: ModCloth, swapped
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Dress: Marshall's
Scarf: Borrowed (and never returned)
Hat: Target
17 comments on "Everything in twos"
  1. Wow- I'm impressed you don't carry a purse! I didn't until my early 20s, but cell phones weren't a thing back then so it was way easier. I always thrift my coats because I feel guilty spending $100+ on something we only need in AZ for a month or 2. Love these layers and photos- snow makes the prettiest back ground!

  2. love this. I'm sort of jealous of how pretty your outfit photos look with all the snow (I'm from Texas). Also that show sounds like it was a blast :)


  3. Your eyes look stunning in these photos. I am completely guilty of being a coat collector. I do feel that it is kind of silly, but I really love coats and we use them a lot here in CO. I cannot wait for the summer time though. I'm done being cold!

  4. Love this coat. I would be sleeping in it as well, doubles as a sleeping bag, right? That event sounds awesome!


  5. You look so cute, love the outfit. And the coat! I have one like that without the snazzy hood...but I'm in Cali so I never get to wear it lol.

  6. Oh my gosh these pictures are beautiful.
    I love your hair, you're like a little snow bunny!


  7. That coat looks so warm. Ugh, I hate winter. It makes outfit blogging so unpleasant when you have to stand in freezing temperatures...lol.

  8. Your eyes are SO ARRESTING in these photos. Lovely.

    Also- you don't carry a purse? Feel like I ought to have known that. Interesting. I hear you about the coat situation, though I do have a few (a winter coat and then a WINTER COAT for when it is below zero). On the other hand, where it is really cold a lot it might be a better purchase than other clothing items since you'd at least get a lot of use out of it...Your coat seems very much like something I'd see on Pinterest or something... that effortlessly chic look.

  9. That coat is awesome, I wish I needed something like that but it's never winter in Southern California :(


  10. Haha, trying to smile when you're cold is hard! All muscles tense. I'm surprised my eyes open. That coat is definitely a beauty and best yet, it looks uber warm! I love coats with a big fur hood, nothing cuts the wind better! Your bright floral dress looks wonderful against the snow and is a perfect pop of colour in this white world.

  11. I still think you look great. I have similar struggles myself (Chicago weather - enough said), but a good coat and some good lipstick really help.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  12. I love this coat! I was all about the parkas last winter too. :D

    I'm glad I'm not alone in not carrying a purse and not really being a handbag person. I knew I liked your blog for a reason!


  13. Haha, gotta make sure to get your money's worth! This coat certainly looks super cozy and warm though, so it's a good investment. Plus, good pockets? Yup, definitely worth it.
    And wow, sounds like one super fun event! I'm jealous just reading about it. Most especially the pizza part ;) Haha
    Oh, and cold always = mad for me anyway. Same thing really. Lol at least you look super cute despite the freezing weather!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. I adore this pastel little babydoll dress paired with the black tights. The snow and your little face look so angelic! I feel so bad for my peeps in Ohio... it can be so miserable this time of year. I carry a small backpack now instead of a purse. If I do carry a purse it when I'm dressin' up and steppin' out. Usually it ends up across my chest "cross shoulder strap" style. Lol. Too cute little lady, stay warm!

  15. I'm extremely jealous of your concert fun. Sounds like a blast! :) I also have a very similar coat and I LOVE it!

  16. There's a coat that is stuck in my my head that I'm on the verge of buying online every time I feel weak. Why can't thrift stores read my mind and stock the coat?? You made a totally good buy.


  17. I haven't seen that dress before (I don't think anyway) and I LOVE it. Freakin florals. Gorgeous. -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)


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