Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Red, red, red

My mom got me this dress for my birthday which is in August. August isn't exactly the best month for a REALLY heavy 3/4 sleeve dress. Thankfully, she knew Winter would happen. This is the most comfortable, coziest dress of all time. I want to sleep in it. Speaking of winter attire, I recently attempted to buy a pair of fleece lined tights. But I wasn't paying attention and got leggings. I almost returned them, but then I got these amazing fleece lined socks from Kushy Foot. With this combination, I am basically wearing pajamas. This is how you do it, guys.

Winter has me feelin' pretty boring. I tend to spend my evenings reading books, guzzlin' coffee, avoiding showers (and people), watching too much television, and being very chill. I'm excited for days of more light and temperatures higher than 40, ya' know? It's hard to stay active and outgoing when you live in the Midwest. Hence all the black.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Gift (from my Mom)
Tights: Betsey Johnson (Tj Maxx)
Fleece Lined socks: C/O KushyFoot
Shoes: Kohl's
Jacket: BB Dakota
Scarf: Gift from Italy
Headband: Made by my sister
Belt: Versona
25 comments on "Red, red, red"
  1. You look amazing in red (and your eyes look so blue!). And you are such a smarty pants (leggings?) for doing the fleece-lined option... I needa get me some!

    xox Sammi

  2. Totally been in hibernation mode myself but it has been sunny and warm here lately (mid 70s today!!!!) and so that has me a little more inspired to leave my house. I love the dress and the hat.

  3. I need some lazy days like that. It's hard having chill days in Cali, always going to the beach/hiking/clubs and stuff haha (no but really, I'm getting a heatstroke).

  4. I got some fleece lined leggings that I sleep in- they are awesome. (yes, it does get cold in the desert, just not midwest cold!) I love how the red contrasts with your hair and the headband is a super cute look!

  5. Well you look lovely! I have really noticed recently how awful the lack of sun is to my system...winter is rough. Gotta stick it out together!


  6. Love red on you! It looks amazing and I just adore the little belt, scarf and head wrap! It looks so good against your hair color and skin. Stay warm!!!

  7. Love you in red! I love the pops of turquoise too, one of my favorite color combinations!
    xo Hannah

  8. The dress is so pretty and the color makes your eyes pop!! Fleece leggings sound so amazing to wear at night.

  9. You look great in red. I love this dress, and the headband/ear warmer/thing on your head is really cute as well. The pop pop of blue in the scarf is a great touch with it.
    I looooove fleece lined tights. They are just so freaking cozy.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  10. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear! And fleece-lined things are amazing. So comfy and warm! You look fabulous. :)

  11. Black and red is always a winning combo in my book, especially since my days seem to be filled with similar indoor/at home ways. :)

  12. very cute outfit, you look beautiful in red :)


  13. Love this outfit, that dress is stunning! xox



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