I love you and I like you

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm still dealing with the end of Parks and Recreation. It was incredible and very emotional. We had waffles for Leslie Knope and I sobbed like a baby. It's always a wonderful feeling to grow alongside a show and I've been with this one since the second season. There's no bond like the bond formed when someone gets your Parks reference. This show was a true gem amongst mediocre mainstream culture. I don't know that I've ever watched something with such strong female characters that are gettin' shit done and that's part of the appeal to me. It was as intelligent as it was funny and that's not always easy to pull off. Did I mention how perfect every single person in the show was? 'Cause they were and I'm half crying just thinking about it. I get REALLY involved in shows and so, this is pretty standard for me when a show ends for good. Probably also the only time I'll ever admit to sobbing into my waffles. If you've never seen it, please DO IT NOW. Your life will forever be altered.

I'm so in love with this scarf and will pretty much wear it with every single outfit I can.

My go to eye look is a simple cat eye and in real life it looks pretty good. But in photographs it kind of disappears. Someone, help! Is there a way to make a cat eye noticeable in photos and not ridiculous in life?

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped
Tights: Tj Maxx
Boots: Target
Scarf: C/O Uncommon Goods
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: C/O Versona (old)
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