Random Love: An album or two

Friday, April 10, 2015

Part of my disinterest I shared in my last post (about blogging) stems from the fact that style is a very small portion of what makes me happy. I mean, style makes me SUPER overall happy to exist. But I'm not a fashion guru or anything of that sort. I don't have a shopping addiction. Nor do I stalk celebrity style. I'm just a girl who likes looking nice. Plus I happen to photograph well. It all works out, ya' know? But my passion lies within music, television, good books, and even better coffee. I've been desperately trying over the years to think of a way to incorporate more music into my blog content. None of it has worked because well, people don't read style blogs for music. Music, however, makes me happier that just about anything else in the world. So, here's my attempt at sharing some of my love with you. I get most of my music recommendations from the Internet or friends...and we're both so...

Pela -- Anytown Graffiti

I casually asked some friends where they got their band name from. They told me that it was mostly inspired by a song on this record. My curiosity was peaked and I had to listen. Pela only released this record, broke up, and reformed as Augustine's. I don't love Augustine's, but I love this record from start-to-finish. My favorite thing about music is the lyrics. I get words and so, I worship bands with solid songwriting. This is one of those records. The words are so brilliantly strung together that I get a little weepy thinking about how I didn't write them. There aren't many bands that I listen to that sound like Pela and I get super pumped and happy when I absorb their energy. Plus they had a song on Veronica Mars. Sold.

Song(s) to Listen to: "Lost to the Lonesome" or "Drop Me Off"

Hop Along -- Get Disowned

I discovered Hop Along by chance and I really can't imagine my life without them in it. Frances Quinlan has a voice unlike anything I've ever heard. Her lyrics are as powerful as her voice and the band is a little on the heavier side which creates this very intense and emotionally driven musical experience. I get so lost in the beauty of her voice that I often can't find my way out.

Their next record comes out next month on Saddle Creek and I kind of feel like they could be the biggest band in the world.

Song(s) to Listen to: "Laments" or "Tibetan Pop Star"

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