I Wouldn't Worry

Monday, April 20, 2015


At the beginning of the week, Victor and I headed to Columbus to see Hop Along. Hop Along is one of my favorite bands and it was my first time seeing them. So, naturally it was a wonderfully exciting day for me. We went to Dirty Franks. Which is a really delicious hot dog joint. The members of Hop Along were right next to me and I was kind of geekin' out. I'm a teenage girl, so what? We then headed to One Line Coffee which is one of the best places in NEO to get coffee. The show was at a really strange bar, but it was nice because the Columbus scene is so much more chill than Cleveland. I also learned that grunge is VERY in and I was dressed like a princess in comparison. Anyways, Hop Along was insanely wonderful. They played my favorite song and I almost cried out of pure happiness.

A new local independent newspaper has popped up in lovely Akron. It's called the Devil Strip (do you know what this is? If so, you probably live in Ohio). It's an entire paper about Akron and all the cool people living and creating here. I'm a huge fan and even better? I've started writing for them! I wrote the cover story on The Crafty Mart which is a truly amazing indie arts/craft fair that takes place multiple times a year. You can read the story here or pick up a copy all over town if you're local. I seriously can't wait to see where the future takes this little paper! Oh, and the Crafty Mart is Saturday the 25th and everyone in these parts needs to go.

I swear my hair looked good when I got ready, but then wind + warmth + playing with my nephews ruined it. Having a pixie truly is a lot of work sometimes.

Guest appearance's by my brother Josh and my sister Nicole.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Minuet (swapped)
Shoes: ModCloth (swapped)
Belt: Versona
Sunglasses: ModCloth

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