Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Need a Myth

This is an entire outfit composed of pieces I've worn plenty of times in real life and a few times on here. The pressure of wearing a "blogable" outfit can be overwhelming. I tend to not let it challenge me, but sometimes I find myself uttering that phrase "blogable". But you know what? Who cares? I haven't worn this dress in probably a year despite it being so beautiful. It was one helluva thrift find, but my wardrobe and I go through phases. I have long since stepped away from the matchy-matchy looks that I once loved so much. But sometimes (like this time), you just gotta embrace all the goddamn pink.

My sister found these glasses in my car and they're my prescription. A pair I received for free when I had long dark hair and they did NOT work. But somehow, they're kind of perfect with my short bright white hair. Which is perfect because I needed a change.

We took these photos around 8:00PM when the sun was still somehow out. They turned out a wee bit moody and I'm kind of super into it.

Outfit Details:
Dress: BB Dakota (via thrift)
Shoes: Seychelle's
Headband: TopShop
Bracelet: Kate Spade C/O Nordstorm Rack
Watch: Marc Jacobs (gift from my boyfriend/a few years ago)
14 comments on "We Need a Myth"
  1. You look beautiful and I really like this dress on you! I sort of think of figuring out "blogable" outfits as a creative challenge (in a good way), but I wonder if eventually it'll become a burden. Either way, I'm super glad you blogged this outfit!

    xox Sammi

  2. This dress and the pink do make me feel like this is so very you! Definitely get the feeling to be "blogable." Sometimes, as Sammi said, it can help inspire but other times I do chide myself for worrying about such a thing!

  3. Great outfit - that dress is so cute! :)

  4. You are too cute!! I love this dress and your Seychelles sandals are to die for!

  5. Seriously charming outfit! I agree those frames work really nicely with your current hair - and also this cute ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Adorable! Finding blogable topics definitely is a thing, whether most of us want to admit it or not.

  7. Blogable indeed! Although I find a lot of the more "duh" or simple looks totally blogable too while others might think they are kind of simple. I love those glasses and that dress on you!

  8. Agree with Sammi also that I like the challenge of creating an outfit that's that bit extra special so I want to write a whole post of it, but some weeks it does my head in! It often translates into pressure to buy new things, which is not good for my bank account... Anyway, you look great here and I love this outfit so I can't understand why it wouldn't be blogable at all! I often wear things on my blog I've worn a million times before and have featured in other posts... That's real life!

  9. I think all of your outfits are so ncie! I do agree on the whole blog-worthy thing, I also like to put pressure on myself regarding that...


  10. You look so freaking cute. Love this dress, and I love that you've paired it with the flower crown and hipster glasses. Awesome look.
    The whole "blogable" outfit thing kind of gets me too, sometimes. I don't worry about it all that often, but when I know I need to take some photos I can get a bit bogged down worrying that I've worn things too often for them to still be interesting. But what do you do? Normal people can't afford a new outfit every week.

  11. I'm kinda super into this whole look!
    Love the adorable dress and your hip glasses. They definitely work perfectly with your look.
    Aha, and "blogable" outfits...the struggle is real! I often don't get outfit photos done now because my style has relaxed so much, I don't find it interesting enough to blog. Sigh. But hey, sometimes I figure screw it, might as well be real about what I'm wearing!

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