We Need a Myth

Sunday, May 31, 2015

This is an entire outfit composed of pieces I've worn plenty of times in real life and a few times on here. The pressure of wearing a "blogable" outfit can be overwhelming. I tend to not let it challenge me, but sometimes I find myself uttering that phrase "blogable". But you know what? Who cares? I haven't worn this dress in probably a year despite it being so beautiful. It was one helluva thrift find, but my wardrobe and I go through phases. I have long since stepped away from the matchy-matchy looks that I once loved so much. But sometimes (like this time), you just gotta embrace all the goddamn pink.

My sister found these glasses in my car and they're my prescription. A pair I received for free when I had long dark hair and they did NOT work. But somehow, they're kind of perfect with my short bright white hair. Which is perfect because I needed a change.

We took these photos around 8:00PM when the sun was still somehow out. They turned out a wee bit moody and I'm kind of super into it.

Outfit Details:
Dress: BB Dakota (via thrift)
Shoes: Seychelle's
Headband: TopShop
Bracelet: Kate Spade C/O Nordstorm Rack
Watch: Marc Jacobs (gift from my boyfriend/a few years ago)
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