Monday, June 22, 2015

Little wanderer

I went thrifting yesterday and scored this gem of a dress for $1. Our thrift stores have half-off colors (two a day) and it's basically a dream. I managed to snag all three items with the colors and spent less than $7. I only had thirty minutes so I didn't get to fully thrift or explore. Which was an adventure in itself. I've been going to a smaller thrift store that is about four minutes from my apartment and the selection is always pretty great. I, however, went to the store I used to frequent and I forgot how overwhelming large stores can be.

This dress has an adorable and tiny daisy print on it. I meant to get a photo of it, but the rain was coming. All it does is rain in Akron any more. Which means my hair is always frizzy and there is an excess of mosquitoes. Basically the best time of year. I'm not sold on this hat + a pixie, but it's the only one that looks remotely decent with my haircut.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Swapped
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

**photos taken by my sister
16 comments on "Little wanderer "
  1. Do you mind sharing the thrift store you got this at? If it's a secret, I understand!

    I used to go the Village all the time and found amazing stuff. Junya Watanabe jeans, a Christian Dior coat, this cool zebra bench, all under $2. My prize piece was a bright blue coat from Korea that fit me perfectly, and I wore it for 10 years until it finally got ripped toboganning :(

    But my last few trips home I haven't found anything good there. Very limited vintage selection, none of the one-of-a-kind treasures I was used to seeing. Anyway, I'm coming back later this summer and I'll have only one week to thrift 1) over 100 teacups and saucers and 2) clothing and decor for an Old Hollywood glam party so any thrift recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  2. OMGosh how fun! I am on a no shop summer but the $1 deal would be a real hard thing to walk by. I love the dress and the hat with it!

  3. That is an awesome thrift store find! I need to go thrifting soon - I don't have a lot of money right now, but I really need more easy, little-bit-of-nothing dresses for when I end up biking in the rain or whatever. Very cute dress, and quite the bargain for just $1.

  4. Ugh, I'm so jealous! I do occasionally score great finds at thrift stores, but a lot of times they need doctoring. Being a L/XL, a lot of the clothes I find are kinda marmy.

    And I think the hat looks great. You look so put together and confident in these photos.

  5. That dress is so cute - and what a bargain!
    I think the hat looks really cool with your hairstyle. :)

  6. Fabulous deal! Anytime you can pick up a dress, let alone a cute polka dot one, for a mere dollar these days, it's worth writing home about (or in the case of folks like us, penning a blog post about as you've done here). It's a sweet, lovely dress that looks great on you, dear gal. Wonderful find! I hope that same kind of thrift store luck linger for you all summer long.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Wow- I don't remember the last time I found a dress for $1, even thrifting! I love how the daisies look like polka dots from a distance. Perfect summer score!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a great thrifting store! That dress was only $1 and you only spent $7! That's totally amazing....great find! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  9. Um, wow, you have a better thrift store than the one I'm shopping at! Haha, sweet score on the dress (and everything else it sounds like).

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  10. You got such a great deal on that dress. It looks great.

  11. I like the hat and what a steal for $1!!! I love the little daisy polka dot look and those shoes are killer!!!

  12. Fantastic! I wish we had those kind of thrift shops around here..!

    Have a great day,

  13. Dude, $1? It probably costed you more to drive there, haha. That's fabulous. I think your hat looks absolutely fantastic with your hair! <3

  14. $1!?! what! that is a crazy good deal. I went to Goodwill once and the color of the week that was half off just happened to be all the dresses and I was so happy!


  15. I like this hat with the pixie- and how it matches the dress.

  16. Super cute! I just love the level of chicness a hat brings to outfits!


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