Little wanderer

Monday, June 22, 2015

I went thrifting yesterday and scored this gem of a dress for $1. Our thrift stores have half-off colors (two a day) and it's basically a dream. I managed to snag all three items with the colors and spent less than $7. I only had thirty minutes so I didn't get to fully thrift or explore. Which was an adventure in itself. I've been going to a smaller thrift store that is about four minutes from my apartment and the selection is always pretty great. I, however, went to the store I used to frequent and I forgot how overwhelming large stores can be.

This dress has an adorable and tiny daisy print on it. I meant to get a photo of it, but the rain was coming. All it does is rain in Akron any more. Which means my hair is always frizzy and there is an excess of mosquitoes. Basically the best time of year. I'm not sold on this hat + a pixie, but it's the only one that looks remotely decent with my haircut.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Swapped
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

**photos taken by my sister
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