Monday, August 3, 2015

Impossible to Place

I bought this dress in the Fall. It has the best Fall color combo of moody hues and a vintage inspired floral print. Structurally, however, it's very much a summer dress.

My sister has been in town from Canada which doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a whirlwind of spontaneity and non-stop movement. We adventured to Dayton to visit our mother. On the way, we stopped in Columbus for coffee and ice cream -- which is a necessity after two and a half hours of driving. We explored my mom's town, got donuts in the middle of the night, had brunch in the morning, and walked through all the cute shops. It's such a cute little town that looks like it's straight out of the movies. My sister leaves today and I'm already missin' her.

Now I'm binge watching Bates Motel and about to dive into Gone Girl (the book).

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Kate Spade (bridal party gift)
Belt: Swapped
16 comments on "Impossible to Place"
  1. Sounds like such a great visit with your sister! I love your dress and especially your shoes - I've never been luck enough to score such a great pair of vintage shoes.

  2. I was just thinking before starting to read the text how this dress has such lovely fall colors to it and then...!

    Glad it was a good trip.

  3. That sounds like a great time especially the donuts part. XD Adorable dress!

  4. Cute dress! I really want to read Gone Girl... it's on my to-read list!

    Jessica |

  5. I started to read "Gone Girl" and didn't like the style in which it was written in and stopped and then later saw the movie later which was also not so hot. I'm hard to please in the book area I suppose. Is your hair getting longer? Love this dress with the tee strap heels, the colors do scream Fall.

  6. I hated the ending of Gone Girl. I think I threw the book across the room. The movie is pretty killer though since you already know how it's going to end and are mentally prepared for it, ha!

  7. Such a great summer dress and I love the shoes that go with it! Glad you had fun with your sister! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  8. Aw sounds like a good time with your sis! Love your dress and THOSE SHOES- good thrift scores! They will make great pieces layered up for fall too. I totally binged Bates Motel :)

    1. It's the most addicting show I've watched in so long. It kind of makes me uncomfortable too -- which I love.

  9. I love the neckline and the buttons it gives it a fun vintage feel :)
    and it will look great with a sweater later too

  10. That's such a cute dress and shoes combo! OOOh, I think that Dayton has a great swing-dance scene, I'm sure I've seen lots of reference to it!x

  11. The dress is so damn cute! Such a great length and the pattern is lovely. You look great in it too!

    Sadly, I wasn't a fan of the Gone Girl book - trudged my way though it was quickly as I could. The film however was a totally different kettle of fish for me - totally loved how they adapted the book.

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