Monday, January 4, 2016

In My Head

We had our first official snow of the year today! This is a pretty big deal because the snow usually hits in October. I've been blissfully wandering around outside in thin jackets, hiking, and pretending Winter wasn't coming. Unfortunately, I'm simply not that lucky and here I am freezing thinking about ways to never have to leave my apartment. If you're new here, I really hate driving in snow. Which in turn makes me hate winter. These photos were taken before the cold came, thankfully. Because outfit photos in the cold is a whole other beast.

I scored this brand new Kling dress from a clothing swap last year. I have a thing for dressing down party dresses and this certainly fit the bill. Sometimes a black and grey look is all you need.

I've been very sick the last few days. Like non-functioning, downing medicine, dizzy, entire head throbbing, not eating or leaving bed for a few days sick. Which while not fun, gave me an opportunity to start binge watching "Making a Murderer". I'm not finished yet, but thanks to the Internet, I've learned so much more about the case. I'm beyond baffled and just have so many questions...

Outfit Details:
Jacket: BB Dakota
Dress: Kling (Swapped)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Kohl's
Belt: Gift
20 comments on "In My Head"
  1. Here here! I hate the snow, hate the cold and therefore hate the winter. I love these photos and this outfit! I hope you feel better and have a lovely New Year!

  2. Ugh. The snow we just got is no joke. Snow after christmas is I'm drooling over the fabric of that dress. It looks so drapey and swishy.

  3. These colors are so pretty, and I know -- we've been totally spoiled this year without snow until now, but I'm still annoyed with it now that it's here! I'm sorry you're sick :( I watched Making a Murderer in like, two days and have done all that extra research too and I'm totally obsessed and go back and forth about what I think of the whole thing! Pretty brilliant/frustrating/awful stuff.

    xoxoxo Sammi

  4. I love clothing swaps, they're such a great way to pick up new to you pieces and get rid of those things that don't suit you. I need to find more in Chicago. There was a regular one that I used to go to, but it's too far away from where I'm living now.
    I do love your knack for dressing down a party dress, this is very cute and wearable for the unseasonably warm winter weather we've been having.

  5. I just started watching that documentary tonight. Definitely going to watch more tomorrow but I have to be an adult and get some sleep. Boo.
    Anyway I love how you dressed down this fancier dress and the black and gray color scheme is great. You just look so cool, as usual!

    Jamie |

  6. Black and gray is such a classic combination -- I mean, it can never go wrong!
    And ughh, blog photos in the cold is such a struggle!

    Sampz and Such

  7. Hope you feel better soon! I feel as though I don't wear enough black and grey together... It always feels like it's wrong, but you're proving it's not!

  8. WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT MAKING A MURDERER. It's driving me insane so I might as well just give in and watch it.

    Also, outfit pictures in the cold really, really, really are a pain in the butt.

    Feel better soon and eat all the ginger and garlic to burn away the germs! (Disclaimer: Not a doctor).

  9. You poor thing! I'm really sorry to hear that you've been so terribly sick as of late. I'm sure that has been rough. Thank you for posting here even in the midst of feeling like death warmed over. This is such a fun, chic look. Grey and black (usually with red and/or white thrown into the mix) are as good as my winter wardrobe, so I'm all the more drawn to this lovely outfit.

    Thinking of you and sending tons upon tons of feel better wishes your way.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I'm so sorry you have been ill!!! Sending you best wishes! You look very pretty in this dress!x

  11. I'm admittedly jealous of the snow! Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell though. :( That's the worst part of winter - getting sick!

    Loving the tights - they're a really nice neutral blue/grey colour!


  12. Love this!! I feel like you wear black better than any other lady out there ;) I hate driving in the snow too...there's nothing about it I enjoy. I've put off watching that show because I feel like I'm going to be too invested, so I'm waiting for a moment where I can truly indulge lol. Feel better! XO

  13. I keep hearing about Making A Murderer. I might have to watch it.

  14. We had our first snows recently, too! It's been so warm this year (a strange surprise) which is a bit scary considering this means it will potentially be bitter cold through April..Anyways, what a pretty location you've shot in! Your belt is super cute :)

  15. I like this dark, muted look ( you do always dress down a party dress well!) Glad you're feeling better.

  16. Cool jacket :)
    Maria V.

  17. I LOVE this dress, it suits you so well!
    I hope you feel better soon! Also I have to start watching that show, it's on my never-ending list!

  18. I hate that the cold weather finally caught up to us :-/ I hope you feel better soon!

    I love how simple and classic this look is. My wardrobe has been consumed with color lately, and I am tiring of it.

  19. You look so great - that dress looks like it was made for you! Oh man, I watched one episode of "Making a Murder" and was intrigued, but then I started watching Parenthood and there was has been no return from that! Anyway, stay warm and have a lovely week!


  20. I love that you always wear your dresses with a belt! I hate driving in the snow too but I live in TX so I'm thankful it doesn't happen too often ;)
    I'm watching making a murderer too! Yes lots of questions indeed :0


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