In My Head

Monday, January 4, 2016

We had our first official snow of the year today! This is a pretty big deal because the snow usually hits in October. I've been blissfully wandering around outside in thin jackets, hiking, and pretending Winter wasn't coming. Unfortunately, I'm simply not that lucky and here I am freezing thinking about ways to never have to leave my apartment. If you're new here, I really hate driving in snow. Which in turn makes me hate winter. These photos were taken before the cold came, thankfully. Because outfit photos in the cold is a whole other beast.

I scored this brand new Kling dress from a clothing swap last year. I have a thing for dressing down party dresses and this certainly fit the bill. Sometimes a black and grey look is all you need.

I've been very sick the last few days. Like non-functioning, downing medicine, dizzy, entire head throbbing, not eating or leaving bed for a few days sick. Which while not fun, gave me an opportunity to start binge watching "Making a Murderer". I'm not finished yet, but thanks to the Internet, I've learned so much more about the case. I'm beyond baffled and just have so many questions...

Outfit Details:
Jacket: BB Dakota
Dress: Kling (Swapped)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Kohl's
Belt: Gift
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