Sunday, January 24, 2016

Two worlds

I've been dreaming of owning this dress for months. It was far more than I typically like to spend on a dress (seriously, who is spending $90 on dresses?). Imagine my surprise when ModCloth had a 70% off sale and this beauty was a part of the sale. Plus I had an $80 credit so, it was free to me. The dress is thick, has pockets, and lots of options for remixing. I'm dreaming of the summer day where I can wear it while eating ice cream. Instead of feeling like ice.

I don't know what it is about Winter that makes everyone want to thrift, but I'm not mad about it. I've thrifted more in the past few weeks than I did in the last six months. And you know what? It's been crazy rewarding. Yesterday, I scored five things for under $12 and well, how in the world can I pass up a deal like that? We don't have much in Akron, but we have some killer thrift stores.

Outfit Details:
Dress: ModCloth
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Kohl's
Belt: Forever 21
Jacket: Jack by BB Dakota
11 comments on "Two worlds"
  1. Oooh, that was a lucky purchase! I love it when things are reduced! An ice-cream print is gorgeous. There was this Emily and Fin ice-lolly dress that I fell in love with last Spring and I really wanted it.Finally managed to score it brand new on ebay for £22!!x

  2. How cute! You're the queen of colored tights.

    Katie |

  3. I've been thrifting a lot more too, lately. I think I tend to thrift more in the winter too. Maybe it's just that it's so cold out that I want to do all things inside.

  4. This color combination is the best! So many pretty bright shades. I love it. I haven't been thrifting very often this past year because the second hand stores in Atlanta aren't that thrifty - unless you're in the scarier areas of town and I value my safety more than a bargain! Next time I'm in the suburbs I'm going thrifting though! And hell yes for scoring that dress for free!

    Jamie |

  5. I love this outfit! It's definitely making me wish it was summer. I love the colours you paired with it!

  6. I scored a few awesome things from that sale too. But, nothing with ice cream on it! Can we trade lives?

  7. That dress is such a score! I love the print. I would trade in the snow for ice cream cone weather now too if I could. I have also been hitting up thrift stores like crazy, congrats on your $12 scores. I haven't found much in awhile, unfortunately.

  8. So fun! I hear you; I own expensive dresses and skirts...but I work the sales ;) I LOVE the pink tights with this!!! Pretty snow photos too! XO

  9. Sweet deal on the dress! I like how you've styled it with vibrant colors.

  10. I've been thrifting a lot too lately. Something about the cold weather just makes me want to spend afternoons sifting through clothing. That dress is so cute, bonus points for getting it for free!



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