Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Backyard Skulls

While Ohio did ring in the first day of Spring with a fresh layering of snow, these photos were from almost a month ago. We had a series of nice days and I was quick to ditch the wintery scenes. These were taken the day after I got my hair dyed and it's INSANE how much my hair has actually grown. It's nice to have an accidental documentation of my hair growth.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a Bernie Sanders rally in Akron. It was the day before the primaries so it was an important moment. While Bernie didn't do well in Ohio (no surprise), it was absolutely empowering. I know politics are a touchy subject and I'm okay with being open about my viewpoints. The most important issue, however, is that everyone simply gets out there and votes for whomever they believe in. A lot of people have the mindset that votes don't matter, but they at least matter a bit and a country ran by Trump is not a country we want to live in. (Though If it's the country you want than we probably shouldn't be friends.)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Gift
Tights: Express
Boots: Kohl's
Belt: Express
Jacket: BB Dakota
11 comments on "Backyard Skulls"
  1. So sad I missed the Bernie Rally, but love that you look like you will kick someone's azz if they don't (didn't) vote :) Also, I am really diggin' those socks with your tights.


  2. Bernie all the way! I loved caucusing for him in Colorado. I hope he takes it all the way! Our weather has been insane. It snowed this weekend, today it's in the 70's and we are expecting a blizzard tomorrow. Grrrr. Love the color of that dress on you!

    1. I feel like Ohio and Colorado mirror each other w/insane weather!

  3. You always have the coolest belts! And I love the color of the dress too :) I like your straightforwardness about Trump here lol I am tempted to post on FB these days something like "alright..which of you are voting for him? Cause we're done, ya crazies." hah which sounds mean but I mean damn, this is some scary stuff..


    1. haha yes, megan do that post! I lost friends during the last election because I posted something similar. I have no regrets.

  4. First off, love the outfit! And the teal pops so much with the snow! Also...seriously!!!!!!!! WTF is up with Trump doing so damn well?!?! I can accept that every few years or so a political party I'm not with will be in power, it's how it is...but Trump is a bully, egomaniac, and not even a politician. I'm baffled at this election. I love election years, but Trump is sucking all of the fun out of it for me. Yikes. XO

    1. Girl, you are so right. Elections should be uplifting and fun and this...this is just the saddest most infuriating situation.

  5. So cool to hear all you did/are doing to be involved.


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