Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Soft Pyramids

This dress came from the last clothing swap and I was so excited I snagged it. We start off with numbers and we go in order for our first item and then we go to larger groups until it morphs into a "free-for-all". I was at the very end, but I still managed to get it. I was drawn to how simple yet classy it looked. Especially because the back has a semi-deep v. Which is perfect for my back tattoo. I'm looking forward to warmer no-layer days!

Last night, my friends and I had a tabletop game night. I was very excited to play games that weren't your standard variety. We started with a game called "The Resistance". We had to figure out which characters were going against the government as spies. After that we played a game similar to battle Tetris (I was not good at this). We finished the night off with a game where you had to make sushi. It was actually like a wordless Scrabble, but more complicated. It was very long, but we had cookies to get us through it.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: PayLess
Cardigan: Swapped
Belt: Express
10 comments on "Soft Pyramids"
  1. What a darling outfit!


  2. Such a fun dress and that pop of pink is perfect!!! XO

    1. Pink is always the best pop of color!

  3. That is seriously my kind of game night. I love just sitting around a table and enjoying games with friends... ugh, I need more of that in my life! And so glad that you were happy with your dress. It's so darling on you, and I hope it gets warmer so you can show off your tattoos more!

    1. I know! I wish life had more games in general!

  4. This dress is so cute! You know I'm such a sucker for polka dot dresses with cardigans, so I obviously love this.

    So fun that you guys had a tabletop night. My friends do that sometimes, but they're all hardcore gamers and I'm AWFUL at games.

    Also, I'm with you. I wish we could live our parallel lives together too :( ONE DAY.

    1. Dude, my friends are all huge nerdy gamers too and it seriously took me about six rounds to understand it. It was a SUPER easy game. But I pretended like I totally understood, haha.

  5. YES! I love clothing swaps- I wish I could do more of them but the majority of my friends are much smaller than me, haah. :)

    Also, I'd love to invite you to enter my super cute artisan made fair trade bundle giveaway! Open to US and Canada! See you soon on my bloggie!

    Ethical Fashion + Faith

    1. If we lived closer, I would totally invite you to ours!


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