Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What and what not

A couple weekends ago, I went thrifting with my Dad. It was $1.50 day and boy did I score some good Fall sweaters! This one included. It's a crop top sweater covered in cute little hearts. I realize a crop top sweater is a pretty weird concept. I, however, have a tiny torso, so it's the perfect solution for me.

My family did our annual Pumpkin Patch Day and as always, it was a blast. Last year it was so cold and snowy, I thought about crying. This year it was so hot and sunny, I thought about crying. Thanks, Ohio! I am also the worst at carving pumpkins. I have no artistic ability, no interest in cheating with a stencil, and have accepted my fate as a bad crafter. Just like I do every year when we make paper snowflakes...

I'm still obsessing over my Irresistible Me straighter. My hair truly has transformed!

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Tights: We Love Colors
Belt: Swapped
13 comments on "What and what not "
  1. Hooray for sunny pumpkin patch days! We went this weekend as well.

  2. Pumpkin carving is the WORST! Who was the person that thought carving a giant orange chunk would be a good idea? They're nuts!

    In other news, I heart this look!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    1. I think you might be the only person to agree with me.This is why I love you.

  3. Short Torso club unite! I have found many cropped shirts are just regular damn shirts on me. It feels like cheating but like good cheating.

    Sam / www.saidtheskeleton.com

    1. I get so stoked to meet short torsos! haha, I feel like everyone is all long and perfect.

  4. That's funny re: the cropped sweater, I always think that with the short sleeved ones :) I really am not into pumpkin carving- it's enough of a struggle to cut a squash I'm actually going to eat, I can't grasp being artsy with it too...

    1. Yes! Short sleeved sweaters are so confusing.

  5. I love cropped sweaters/jumpers as I always wear high waisted skirts so they're perfect for tucking in without having too much excess material. It's a shame they're so hard to fine, at least for me anyway.


  6. There's definitely nothing weird about cropped sweaters, I wear them all the time! Most of my clothes are high waisted, so it looks weird to have a sweater that comes down to my hips. Your outfit is really cute, I love the back-to-school vibes of your skirt, and the heart sweater is adorable. I haven't heard of 1.50 day before but it sounds amazing!


  7. Your hair looks great! I swear, you have the best luck with thrifting! I occasionally get lucky but it's so random. You're a pro! Love this outfit! XO

  8. You look so incredibly beautiful. It’s one of the loveliest styles I've ever seen. What a delightful ensemble and you've styled it to perfection. ❤


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