Here's to the new year

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ah! I can't believe that a) it's 2017 already and b) that I barely blogged in 2016. In April, my computer broke and well, it's a little bit hard to blog without a computer, ya' know? My boyfriend was editing my photos, I was typing posts on a computer that could barely load blogger. From time-to-time I would use my boyfriend's computer, but it all just took so much work to do without my MacBook. I was on/off about trying to grow out my hair, I wanted to be blonde again, and I overall was just not feelin' my style or any style in 2016. Fast forward to August when I got shot in a drive-by while crossing the street. I wasn't seriously harmed or anything, but it was one of those moments that really changes you. I was afraid to leave my apartment after the sun set, terrified of Cleveland (still working on this one), and it further perpetuated my lack of interest in style and myself. Then that whole Trump thing happened and well, that one I'm not sure how any of us will recover.

The blog is slowly dying and being replaced by Instagram and fast ways of consuming content. I understand it because, I, too, am extremely guilty of just double tappin' those cute Instagram's and not going to blogs. This also contributed to my lack of desire to blog in 2016. But that doesn't mean that I didn't think about blogging all the time. I definitely did. I love writing. I love sharing and I love taking pictures. The blogging community is where I discovered my style and developed so many meaningful friendships. I don't want to lose any of that.

Bayside came out with my favorite record of 2016 and so, here's some photos of me rockin' their shirt. I spent most of the year listening to them non-stop. These were taken at the end of fall. See, I had good intentions to blog! It just didn't happen

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Kohl's
Tights: TJ Maxx
Boots: Express
Headband: TopShop

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