Nobody WIns

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

These photos were from my first day in California with Elana. We got coffee, breakfast, and hit the "beach". Neither of us are really beach girls, but I needed to hang on Balboa Island. After leaving the beach, we had you guessed it, MORE COFFEE. Actually, we had the most disappointing coffee of our entire trip. I won't call it out, but let's just say, it was the most bitter and intense cold brew I have ever had. We then ventured off to eat waffle sandwiches, cry about our sunburn, and watch the Office with Elana's friends. We finished the day off by eating cookie dough. Yes, they have places that serve cookie dough like ice cream. Yes, it's heaven.

We spent a lot of the day walking around, so I wanted a really easy and comfortable outfit. I thrifted this dress forever ago and would very much like a million more exactly like it. It was perfect for wandering around and being in awe of how beautiful and tropical every thing was. The Midwest/East Coast where I usually hang is simply not that great to look at. I seriously felt like a little kid and it was the best.

Also sorry to the people that live in this house if they were home. We couldn't resist the color or the fact that their last name was Stiletto.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: JcPenny
Belt: Express
Headband: Cirra
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