A Year in Review: 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I have been a horrible blogger this year, but it's okay! Blogging has really changed and honestly, the real content is on Instagram. Well, not for me because I still don't want my entire feed to just be my face. Balance is key, right? I hope to blog more in the New Year, but I won't get upset when it's too cold or I don't have a brand new outfit to wear. Here's to takin' it easy and not letting the news bum ya' out.

Despite not blogging a ton -- I still managed to wear some cute outfits and do some cool shit.

In January, my friends and I made the semi-long drive to Washington, D.C. for the Women's March. It was absolutely inspiring and exactly what we needed to help us deal with the new administration.

I started the year off with dark brown hair. I quickly started transitioning the brunette back to blonde.

Wore my favorite outfit of the year. And while these photos look great, let me tell you -- it was SOOO windy. Pretty sure I flashed a few cars in the process. I wore a lot of band t-shirts and got new tortoise shell glasses. Speaking of the Menzingers aka my fav band -- I saw them seven times this year and they released my favorite record of the year. This was also the final step in turning my hair platinum blonde.

I went to California. Met Elana, hung out with Ashley and Erica. Elana and I spent our time eating delicious food, drinking all of the coffee and adventuring. It was the best goddamn time I have had in forever. Huge shout out to Elana and her friends for welcoming me like one of their own. Plus Elana is as wonderful as I had imagined. I want to move to CA just to drink coffee with her every day. While I have worn this galaxy dress several times over the years -- it's still the best dress. Plus it was the solar eclipse, so what better dress to wear?

As a short gal, it took me years to get into long dresses. But now, I love them. I thrifted this one and recently picked up this leather jacket. The striped dress was on my wishlist forever and I finally got it for my birthday. I got both of these dresses at the end of summer, so I didn't get much use out of them. Excited for next year to wear them more!

Let's see...what else, I went to Philadelphia for the first time. Saw Brand New, went to my favorite coffee shop, Reanimator, explored the city and fell in love with the place. Went to Scranton, PA for the Menzingers and ate at a charming diner. Saw so many bands including: Paramore, Tigers Jaw (a few times), Captain! We're Sinking, Say Anything, Minus the Bear, Foxing, Kevin Devine, Smidley, Saintseneca, Bayside, Descendants, Glassjaw, and a million others. Maybe next year, I'll get better about writing about my adventures.

I also watched tons of great television shows, watched Pretty Little Liars end (still miss it). Here are some posts I wrote about what I consumed this year: one, two, and three. I still have several more to write about from this year...oops!
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