Holiday Shopping with The Body Shop

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I'm always on the lookout for high quality and ethical places to shop. When I discovered The Body Shop, I was elated. They do not test on animals and they're 100% vegetarian.

The majority of my best lady friends are the kinds of people that don't live the "treat yo self" lifestyle, so I thought this Christmas would be the perfect opportunity to treat my friends to some beauty products to make their skin glow as much as they do!

Below are some items I selected that will be perfect for that person:

OILS FOR LIFE -- Who doesn't love a good serum? The Body Shop has several serum's, but I selected this one because it had the best reviews from all kinds of people. This is the kind of serum that brightens every

TWIN BALL MASSAGER -- This is a great item for anyone because it's something they can do while loungin' on the couch.

Vitamin C Moisturizer -- Moisturizer is such an important part of a daily skin routine and this one comes highly recommended and smells like a dream!

Tea Tree Oil Cleanser -- Tea Tree products are amazing because they smell wonderful, get rid of acne while healing the skin and it's very refreshing.

Matcha Mask
-- Masks are an incredibly amazing and easy way to unwind.

Green Tea Bath Bomb & British Rose bath kit -- Baths are such a simple yet wonderful luxury that everyone needs to indulge in if they have a good bathtub. Of all the fun bath kits The Body Shop has, I selected this one because the purchase goes towards funding a safe place for Syrian Refugee children to play. So, not only is The Body Shop ethical, they also donate to really amazing causes!

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