Midwest Muse is a personal style blog featuring affordable fashions & life anecdotes. This is a blog for all ages.

I only partner with brands that I believe in or would like to have the opportunity to believe in. I work with brands in a variety of ways: product reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways, free clothing, banner ads, and am open to other ideas. I am available for local events (which would include photos & coverage) and other local collaborations. Working together in any capacity requires full transparency. Which means, I will not work with a company without disclosing this to my readers. I also reserve the right to not review a product or item if I do not like the quality. I have full control over any and all things I post regardless if they were sent to me for free. If you have any questions or ideas about working together, please get in touch. I am very open minded.

Please note: I will not participate in affiliate links or challenges unless compensation is part of the deal. I do not work for free. I also do not accept guests posts unless I have specifically asked you.

Feel free to email me to learn more: jessica@midwest-muse.net.

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