What kind of camera do you use?
All pictures from the start to March 2013 were taken with a Canon 40d and all pictures after are taken with a Canon 5d.

Who takes your photos?
My lovely & talented boyfriend, Victor. If for some reason, someone else takes them they will be given proper credit in the post.

Do you edit your own photos? What do you use?
While my boyfriend takes my photos, I do all the editing, resizing, posting, etc. I use Adobe Photoshop.

Who designed the blog?
The header is created by me. "Outfits By Season" was designed by Joyce. All other elements and customization created by me.

Where did Midwest Muse come from & when did you start it?
I was searching for a new blog title while in Indy. A friend and I were browsing a record store and she misread a record to say, "Midwest Muse". And thus this blog name was born. I'm also Midwest born and bred.

I started the blog in April 2011. It started with one name and ended up another and a new focus.

Where do you live?
Akron, Ohio.

What are your post titles?
My post titles are song titles or lyrics that are playing while I write the post. I know I should work that SEO with the titles, but I much prefer the song elements. I encourage you to google whatever they are an fall in love.

Got a question? Email me jessica@midwest-muse.net.

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